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Mr. Tom Rendulich

Welcome to 6th Grade Math!

Nightly homework and test information is listed on Schoology, the district's online learning tool for timely entry of homework and test information. ALL students have been provided with logins. Students create their own passwords. If a student has forgotten or lost his/her password, let me know and I will reset it.

6th Grade Math Expectations

  • Procedures for homework and tests


    • Represents 10% of a student's overall grade, is given most nights, and CAN be assigned on Fridays
    Textbook Homework:

    • Homework is assigned from both the text book and via worksheets.  If you have a reliable internet connection at home, you can access the text book and all worksheets there.  
    • Students should complete homework in their spiral notebook and write the date and page number at the top of each homework assignment.  Students should copy the problem (unless a word problem) and show all work as it was taught in class.  Students do not get credit for homework completion when only answers are shown.
    • Students may do worksheet homework directly on the worksheet IF there is ample room to show all workIf not, that homework should also be done in the spiral notebook.

    Students can refer to these resources to guide their homework:

    • Notetaking guide examples completed in class
    • Text book examples (Usually this means looking back at the few previous pages in the text book.)
    • Resources available on the online text.

    Students can miss one homework assignment (5 homework points) per marking period without penalty, but if they complete all assignments, that will result in some homework extra credit points, which will help their overall grade.


    Classwork represents 10% of a student's overall grade.  This includes work on skill maintenance checks and other in-class performance tasks.

    Tests and Quizzes:

    • Tests and periodic quizzes and projects represent 80% of a student's math grade.
    • Tests typically occur at the end of each chapter.  The tests will always be publicized on Schoology, usually at least two days in advance of the test date.
    • A practice test (a "twin" of the test) is typically provided two days in advance of a test and reviewed the day before the test.
    • Students may also use the online text resources to help them prepare for tests (see below).
    • I always try to be available for 7:30 am help sessions on test days. 
    • All tests are sent home to be signed by parents, regardless of grade.
    • If a student scores below 70% on a test, the student must come in for extra help. This may be provided during advisory or during scheduled 7:30am meetings. 
    • Home Access Center: The HAC online grade book will be updated with student grades after every test or quiz. At that time, two grades will be entered, a homework grade, which will combine the grades on all homework assignments dealing with that test/quiz. The second grade will be the test/quiz grade. Expect grades to be entered within two school days of the test.