• Gateways
    An award-winning 8th grade multidisciplinary team incorporating STEM education.

    The Gateways program is designed to give 40 students an opportunity to have the 3 core learning disciplines (Language Arts/Social Studies/Science) revolve around various aspects of STEM. 
    Teachers and students follow the traditional 8th Grade RMS standards and curriculum, but approach them in a unique manner to allow for more project-based learning. 
    This unique approach gives students an opportunity to develop skills in problem-solving, long-term planning, organization, and self-guided learning. 
    The following photo pages will give a snapshot of just some the highlighted hands-on projects our students have worked on over the past few years.
                                     Further information about the RMS Integrated Programs
                      Student Presentation 2020 
                              Parent Presentation 2020                        
                    Gateways - Spark Page - Fall 2019
                    Gateways - Spark Page - Fall 2018

                            Facilitated by Steve Smolen & Darcy DiGiacomo
                            stephen.smolen@rtsd.org       darcy.digiacomo@rtsd.org
                               610.386.6300 ext. 7312 
                            Room 312/314
     Radnor Middle School is participating in a district initiative to improve communications with students and parents through Schoology, an online learning management system that allows teachers to create, manage and share academic content. Gateways is part of the advance team at the middle school that is implementing this initiative. During this initial implementation period, Gateways has been posting course information within Schoology that is not visible to the public. Directions for parent access will be forthcoming. For information on student grades, please log in to Home Access Center (HAC).