Degrees and Certifications:

Radnor Elementary School Art

Ms. Sue Eyerly
RES Art Teacher | 610-788-9300 x2401

Art education at Radnor Elementary is designed to develop your child's creative skills, nurture their natural joy of creating and help them acquire an appreciation for art created by the great masters and by artisans from many cultures.

The RES visual arts curriculum includes inventive art lessons based on the elements of art (line, shape, color, and texture) and is inspired by the works of famous artists and the arts and crafts of artisans from many cultures. Art appreciation is an integral part of our lessons. Our lessons include drawing, painting, printmaking and creating three-dimensional works. Students also work with fibers, clay and collage materials. We adapt our lessons to the developmental level of each grade, beginning with basic skills and concepts in the early years and graduating to more sophisticated and challenging lessons and concepts in the intermediate grades.

We maintain an art portfolio for each student which demonstrates his/her growth as an artist during the elementary years. Every elementary student participates in an all-school Arts Nights exhibition in the school. Each student selects and prepares his/her work for this show. Student work is also selected and displayed in the district-wide Youth Art Month exhibition at Radnor High School and in the Dolya Goutman Gallery at the Radnor Township School District Administration Building.

Your involvement is important to the success of our program. I hope you will encourage your child's artistic endeavors by providing art materials at home, displaying your child's work and taking your young artist to museums and galleries.