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Principal's Office

Dr. Anthony Stevenson
Radnor Elementary School Principal

A Message from the Principal

  • Dear Parents and Guardians,

    On behalf of the Radnor Elementary School staff, welcome to the 2019-20 school year!

    While I love spending time with family and friends and exploring various parts of our world during summer break, I am equally excited for the start of a new school year.

    Lots of work went into preparing for this school year as we will be welcoming over 660 students.  Aside from our Kindergarteners, we will also be welcoming over 30 new 1st through 5th grade students and their families to the RES community.  For those of you who are new, you will find that RES is a school community that takes pride in providing our students and families with an abundance of love, care and support.

    I am extremely appreciative of our dedicated staff, and the passion they have for their vocation. They work tirelessly to ensure that they meet the academic, social and emotional needs of all our students.

    Each new year is full of unknown wonderful possibilities for both our children and us as adults.  While parents, guardians and teachers establish strong partnerships to ensure our children gain strong academic and social attributes, each day, our students often offer the same reciprocity to us.

    For me, one of the most important reminders I get from students is the power of imagination and hopefulness.  So often as adults we can become so focused on the hustle and bustle of our daily lives that we end up creating professional and personal silos. These silos often stifle imaginations and opportunities in finding commonalities between us.  As we see so much political, social and cultural strive in our world today, it becomes more important that we as adults work collaboratively to ensure that our children do not lose their bright lights of hope and imagination in makimg our community a better place for all.

    One of my top priorities this year is to work collaboratively with students, families, and staff to provide a strong and comprehensive infusion of empathy and respect in all aspects of our educational programs.

    We will continue to build on the principle of being a school that emphasizes kindness and community.  We will be implementing the Responsive Classroom program where we will teach and reinforce the established expectations for students in the classrooms, cafetorium and at recess. We will continue to teach students how be collaborative among their peers whenever they are actively engaged in their learning.

    I am excited about what I know will be a great year.  I look forward to greeting your child on the first day of school and working with you as we support the growth of this community’s most precious and natural resource, our children.

    Sincere Regards,