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 Meet the 3rd-Grade Team



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Meet the 3rd-Grade Team

Mrs. Ann Gozzard Room 21, x2021
ann.gozzard@rtsd.org | View Website

Mrs. Andrea Hagialas/Mrs. Samantha Barbato Room 23, x2023
andrea.hagialas@rstd.org | View Website
samantha.barbato@rtsd.org | View Website

Ms. Michelle Hopkin Room 25 x2025
michelle.hopkin@rtsd.org | View Website

Mrs. Alex Kobeski/Ms. Reagen Ingram Room 24, x2024
alex.kobeski@rtsd.org | View Website
reagen.ingram@rtsd.org | View Website

Mr. Gregory Moore Room 20, x2020
gregory.moore@rtsd.org | View Website

Mr. Mark Trama Room 22, x2022
mark.trama@rtsd.org | View Website

What's Happening in Third Grade?