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    WES Counseling

    Welcome to the WES School Counselor web page. The website is full of information that is useful to students, parents and staff. Please take the time to explore the page to learn information about the role of the  counselor,site information on bullying, resources on the PSSAs and much, much more.

    Mrs. Tracy M. Tracy
    Location:  Counseling Office
    Phone: (610) 687-8480
                      Ext. 4105

     What do School Counselors do?
    School Counselors work in partnership with the school staff, parents, and the community to help students have a more positive and successful school experience. The primary focus of the school counseling and guidance program at the elementary level is prevention. School Counselors work with ALL students and our goal is to help empower students with self-knowledge, positive interpersonal skills, and coping strategies for the issues that elementary children typically face.








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