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Meet the Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Megan Brisan*

Mrs. Lori Geiling

Mrs. Lindsay Kelley

Mrs. Lynne Shuda 

*Cyber Program teacher for 2020-21 school year

What's Happening in Kindergarten?

  • Happy Spring!

    In Math, Kindergartners are working on composing and decomposing numbers with cubes, counters, and in the abstract form-numeral sentences such as "10 is 3 yellow cubes and 7 blue cubes." We are working on building number sense with holding numbers in our heads and counting on.

    We have begun the Forces and Motion hands-on unit which features positional vocabulary words, concepts of force and motion, hands-on experiments with moving objects and creating situations where objects move a certain way by manipulating height of ramps and position of blocks.

    We are paying close attention to nonfiction books in Unit 6 in Reading. We are noticing diagrams, labels, tables of contents, the index and glossary in a book among others. As we read we continue to use our best fluency and expression, use word-solving strategies to decode words and think carefully about what word makes sense.

    As we finish up factual writing, we are also beginning to think about opinion writing and how that requires different text structures including reasons and evidence to support our ideas. Students will write several opinion pieces before our third benchmark piece to complete our writing portfolio. We will continue dictation of words, sentences, mastering trick words (sight words), and using digraphs ch, ck, sh, wh, th, and even ph in our writing. We continue the goal of using lowercase letters consistently now through our writing.

    Let's hope for warm weather ahead so that we can get outside more often in preparation for our Plants and Animals science unit!

    ~The Kindergarten Team

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