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What's Happening in First Grade?

  • Language Arts

    In Fundations, students will review letter names, keywords, sounds, and lower-case letter formations of the letters a - z.   Students will then review how to blend and read three-sound short vowel words as well as how to segment and spell them.  These words are often called CVC words.  The Fundations Level 1 Support Pack is an excellent at home resource to help reinforce the skills we are working on in the classroom.
    In Reading Workshop, students will analyze themselves as readers, connect with other readers, and set goals to drive choices and growth over time.  Students will also work on monitoring and repairing their understanding when meaning breaks down.  Furthermore, they will make connections to texts they can read and enjoy as well as make connections to authors and other readers.   Additionally, students will be able to have meaningful conversations with peers around complex text.
    In Writing Workshop, students begin to see themselves as contributing members of a caring writing community.  They hear and discuss examples of good writing, see the teacher model writing, and write and illustrate stories personal narratives.
    In math, students are learning how to count, read, and write within 10.  In learning to use and represent numbers in diffferent contexts, students will encounter number relationships.
    Students will also be taught the concept pf number bonds.  Number bonding is closely realted to both addition and subtraction.  When children understand the concept of number bonds, it will be easier when they do addition and subtraction with regrouping at a later stage.  Number bonding is widely regarded as one of the necessary tools for mental arithmetic.
    Social Studies
    Students are participating in a variety of activities focused on becoming an active participant in the school learning community.  Students are learning what it means to follow the three Wayne Elementary behavior expectations: Be Respectful; Be Responsible; Be Safe and Caring.  They are also working together to formulate a list of classroom rules to be followed throughout the school year.  Furthermore, students are also participating in a number of "getting to know you" activities to help build positive peer relationships in and out of the classroom.
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