Student Resource Team

  • The Student Resource Team (SRT) is a methodology that was developed to help maximize individual student success in the regular classroom. SRT is a positive, success-oriented resource which uses specific assessment and intervention techniques to help students achieve their potential in the school setting.

    In our schools, eachteam is comprised of the principal, a counselor, a school psychologist, a nurse, a reading specialist, and techer volunteers, as well as district support staff as needed. The school counselor and psychologist will co-facilitate the process.

    The SRT method involves a four-step approach:

    1. Identifying a student's need for academic or behavioral suport;
    2. Determining the strategies needed to assist the student;
    3. Implementing intervention strategies through a continuum of services;
    4. Collecting and reviewing ongoing progress monitoring data.

    The strategies are evaluated by the team. If the teacher reports a positive change, then the strategies are continued. Additional interventions may be added to help the student continue to maintain a proper level of success in the classroom.

    The SRT process is a problem-solving model. At the core of the process is the belief that all students can learn and all students matter. SRT maximized the teaching resources within schools by incorporating the best of regular and special education in a systematic search for what works.

Meet the Team

  • Dr. Tronya Boylan
    IES Principal

    Heather Gillan-Esposito
    IES Assistant Principal

    Julie Benn
    IES Teacher of Gifted Learners

    Dana Bereznak
    IES Reading Specialist

    Ceire Evans
    School Social Worker (K-8)

    Claire Jones
    IES School Counselor

    Teresa Park
    IES EL Teacher

    Janis Rindone
    IES Instructional Coach

    Maria Schreiber
    IES Psychologist Liaison