• Each Radnor Township School District building has a designated PA-certified Reading Specialist who is highly skilled in reading diagnostics and the remediation of reading difficulties. The Reading Specialist provides direct instruction to targeted small groups of students who are in need of remediation. In addition to working with student groups, the reading specialist orders and manages building literacy materials and resources, portfolios, and the annual assessment. 

    RTSD reading specialists are fortunate to use the 2nd edition of Leveled Literacy Interevention (LLI) created by Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell. LLI is a daily small group intervention which utilizes leveled books and is designed to: enhance comprehension and problem solving, improve word recognition skills, increase reading engagement, increase reading volume, and closely monitor student progress. It even has a "take home" book component. 

    The Reading Specialist is also a vital member of the building's instructional support team (IST) and supports teachers with literacy instruction and assessment.

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