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Meet the 3rd-Grade Team

Mrs. Amy Jo Cooper

Mrs. Christine Kuhn

Mrs. Patti Scinto

Mrs. Alli Toebe

What's Happening in 3rd-Grade?

  • Reading - Students ask questions and make inferences about characters and plot events to determine the central message and identify themes.  We are transitioning from our main focus of fiction to exploring non-fiction texts in our whole group lessons.

    Writing - Non-fiction has been the focus of our instruction for the last several weeks.  Groups of students are researching and learning to take notes. After organizing their notes, the children will write organized paragraphs to commuicate what they've learned. 

    Math - Students are working with fractions, customary length, weight and capacity as well as time and temperature.

    Social Studies - Students are exploring economics terms, how trade affects our economy, different services our government provides and how our government is organized. 

    Science - Students are studying the relationship between plants and bees.  Students are wistnessing first-hand the life cycle of a Wisconsin Fast Plant.


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