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What's Happening in 5th-Grade?

  • Language Arts
    Reading: Students will form opinions about a text (characters, theme, setting, etc.) and suppport their opinions with evidence from the text in order to improve their comprehension.  Readers will monitor and repair their understanding when meaning breaks down, will make connections to texts, to authors and to other readers. They will be able to have meaningful conversations with peers around complex texts, as well as compare texts of the same genre.

    Writing: Students will write expository writing pieces using a variety of prompts.  They will brainstorm, use graphic organizers, write a rough draft, revise and edit, and produce a final product.


    Grade 5 students will solve multiplication and division problems containing decimals.  The strategic, articulated sequence of topics are developed in depth to mastery following the singapore Mathematics Problem Solving Framework. Students learn the "why" and the "how" through instruction, hands-on activities and problem solving.

    Students will be observing, recording and organizing in order to investigate the world through a microscope. They record and analyze data and communicate results through writing and discussion.

    Social Studies
    Students will describe the causes of the Civil War and discuss how our country tried to solve disagreements through compromise.   They will read, examine, comprehend, interpret, rewrite and discuss original source documents, and analyze how these documents affected the growth of our country.

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