School Closing & Delay Information

  • Emergency telephone number: 610-688-8100 and Press "1"


  • RTSD employees, parents, students and other community members are encouraged to check several of the below sources for information on school closings, delays or early dismissals due to weather conditions or other emergencies.

    • By Phone, Email and Text Message

      • All Radnor Township School District employees and families will receive an automated telephone message, email* and text message* alert via the district's SchoolMessenger emergency notification system when weather conditions force the closing, delayed opening or early dismissal of school. A message from the school superintendent or designee will be delivered to all district families between 5:30 and 6 a.m. for closures and late openings and as soon as possible during the school day for early dismissals.
      • Employees: You will be contacted on the "Home" (primary) and "Work" (secondary) phone numbers and every email address listed in your account in the Employee Web Portal.
      • Families: You will be contacted on the primary and secondary phone numbers and every email address listed in your account in Home Access Center.
      • Employees and Families: Learn more about how to be contacted via text message here.
        *Must provide email address and opt into text message notifications to receive email and text alerts

    • Through the Media 

    • Via the RTSD website
    • Via RTSD's official Twitter (@RadnorTSD) and/or Instagram (@RadnorTSD) accounts
    • Via an emergency message accessible by calling the district's main phone number, 610-688-8100, and pressing "1"

    Additional sources of information may include the RTSD Education Channel (Comcast 8, Verizon 31) and the Radnor Township Government Access channel (Comcast 5, Verizon 30).

    Parents are urged to check more than one source for information. While every effort is made to use all of the above sources, technology or other factors beyond our control may prevent posting of information on a particular source.

Delayed Openings

  • In the event of a two-hour delayed opening, each school will begin two hours later than normal starting time. Normal starting time is 8:30 a.m. at RHS; 7:50 a.m. at RMS; and 9:07 a.m. at all ES. Lunches will be served. Any before school activities will be canceled on delayed opening days.

Early Dismissal

  • Inclement weather may force the early closing of schools.

Extended Day Schedule

  • The extended day program will also operate on a two-hour delay schedule. Since it usually opens at 7:30 a.m. on the regular schedule, it will be open to receive students at 9:30 a.m. on delayed opening days.

Cancellation of Activities

  • When schools are closed, even if offices remain open, all activities in school district buildings are canceled unless otherwise specified.

Who is Affected?

  • The RTSD school closing number applies to all students who use RTSD transportation. All RTSD buses, serving both public and non-public schools operate on the same schedule. If there is a delay or closing for district schools, it also applies to the transportation for the non-public school students.