Degrees and Certifications:

Literacy Support

Jennifer Becker
MTSS Facilitator and Coach

Each elementary building has a designated MTSS Facilitator and Coach. Their primary responsibilities are the effective implementation of the literacy program and its related assessments and the professional development of the building staff. Coaches work closely with classroom teachers to monitor students’ progress in the area of literacy, administer and interpret individual reading tests, and lead curriculum development initiatives.

Elyse Goldberg
Reading Specialist

Each elementary building has a designated PA-certified reading specialist who is highly skilled in reading diagnostics and the remediation of reading difficulties. The reading specialist provides direct instruction to targeted small groups of students who are in need of remediation. In addition to working with student groups, the reading specialist orders and manages building literacy materials and resources, portfolios, and the annual assessment. The reading specialist is also a vital member of the building’s instructional support team (IST) and supports teachers with literacy instruction and assessment.