Booster Clubs in RTSD

  • At a March 2010 meeting, representatives of district booster clubs and PTOs met to discuss club finances. This forum was led by Radnor Girls' Crew Club treasurer Dan Webster, who has graciously consented to shared his resources.

    Power Point Presentation
    At an Oct. 19, 2009, meeting, independent auditing firm Barbacane and Thornton presented information to groups associated with the school district who raise money or spend school district money. This includes alumni associations, booster clubs, PTOs and other such organizations.

    Here are some of the questions raised. We will be answering them shortly, and we urge you to ask for clarification or to ask more questions where needed. You can address all questions to Please identify the subject line as "Booster Club Question."
    • In order to hire coaches, do we have to go through the school board?
    • If students raise money, do the funds go through the student activity fund or the booster club?
    • Is it a courtesy or requirement to tell a principal about events?
    • If a fundraiser is not on school property, should the principal be involved?
    • Is there a resource for booster clubs?
    • There is a need for seminar(s) for paperwork guidance, tips, checks & balances, etc.
      • Dan Webster, treasurer of the Radnor Girls' crew club, has volunteered to coordinate a forum for club treasurers and other individuals who oversee club finances. If you are interested in participating in this forum, please contact Dan at or 610-688-4456.
    • Who are the booster clubs responsible to?
    • Can booster clubs give end-of-year gifts to coaches?
    • There is a need for coaches clinics.
    • Does the school district track gender equity in its various booster clubs?