• RTSD Schoolwires Upgrade

    Migration to Centricity2


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    Beginning December 15th, Radnor Township School District's website and all associated school pages will be upgraded to Schoolwires Centricity2.  This software upgrade will provide new applications and editing tools that can enhance our webpages. Our website will not appear very different to visitors.  However, teachers and staff members who edit pages will find a number of tasks easier.  In addition, there are several new applications that can be added to webpages. Click here to view  descriptions of the Centricity2 enhancements.
    Migration Timeline
    December 14th - the last day for editors to post information that will be automatically migrated to Centricity2.
    After December 14th, editors may post information on their pages if:
    a The information will no longer need to appear after December 28th
    a The editor is willing to move the information over to the new web site (directions on this to follow)
    December 28th - The upgraded website will be visible at https://www.rtsd.org
    January 12th - final date that content from our current website will be available to editors under a different web address (to be shared at a later date)
    Links to Migration Support
    Visit the FAQ Page for additional information on the migration process. Submit your questions.
    Training is available on the enhanced features of Centricity2 through documentation, online tutorials and webinars.

    Have additional questions on the migration to Centricity2? 
    email joan.cusano@rtsd.org