2020-2021 Summer Assignments by Department

  • English Department

    Radnor High School's English department assigns summer reading for all of its English courses.  Students are expected to return in September having read the book(s) and being prepared to work with it (them). Teachers will teach the book(s) as part of an opening unit and/or ask students to write about it (them) on one of the first days of school. Our Overdrive ebooks and audiobooks offer some of our summer reading selections found on this list. Use your network login information to borrow these books. Download them to any device.

    Music Department

    Honors Band

    Social Studies Department

    Tenth Grade Interdisciplinary (Global Issues)

    Tenth Grade Honors World Studies

    AP United States History

    • Read the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. This is the most commonly assigned reading for students taking APUS nationwide. There will be a test on this novel during the first two weeks of class.   

    AP European History