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Message from the ELA Department: 2022 Summer Reading Assignments

Message from the ELA Department: 2022 Summer Reading Assignments

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

During the summer months, we hope that our students will continue to read and maintain the literacy skills that they have developed during the school year. Your child is required to read at least two books* of his or her choice over the summer and complete an assignment.

View RMS Summer Reading Assignments

*Students entering Accelerated Language Arts are required to read three books of their choice. All students in EL class must read either the graphic novel When Stars are Scattered by Omar Mohamed and Victoria Jamieson OR One Good Thing About America by Ruth Freeman.

The 2022-2023 Delaware County Reading Olympics and PA Young Readers Choice booklist are included to assist students as they are choosing books.

Please help your child select books that are new to their reading experience, challenging, and interesting to him or her. To help your child select a “Just Right” book, refer to the guidelines below. In addition to the guidelines consider the content and themes when helping your child choose a “Just Right” book.

An “Easy” Book…

  • has words that are very easy to decode and understand.
  • takes very little effort to read and comprehend.
  • usually gives little or no sense of satisfaction.

A “Difficult” Book…

  • has many words that are difficult to decode and/or understand.
  • includes situations and characters that make it difficult for children to make connections.
  • frequently causes the reader to stop in order to sound out or understand words.
  • does not allow the student to understand the deeper meaning.
  • often becomes frustrating to read.

A “Just Right” Book…

  • will have some words that are challenging to decode or understand.
  • causes the reader to reread a passage for better understanding on occasion.
  • includes characters and situations to which children can easily connect.
  • provides an enjoyable, satisfying and interesting reading experience.

Of course, students are encouraged to go beyond the basic requirement and continue their reading throughout the summer. Students are required to complete at least 2 books (3 if they are in Accelerated Language Arts) and the related assignment. Those titles will be the initial entries in their independent reading journals.

Although students are not required to purchase these books, personal copies may be helpful for taking notes and highlighting. The Memorial Library of Radnor Township, the Ludington Library, and local bookstores are great resources for books.

Have a good summer! We look forward to working with your child during the coming school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact RMS teacher and Language Arts chair Terry Canny.

Sincerely yours,

The Radnor Middle School Language Arts Teachers