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Update on Camp Canadensis; Plans to Address Covid-19 Cases

The message below was originally sent to 5th-grade parents via email on May 11, 2022.

Dear Parents/Guardians of 5th-Grade Students, We are officially one week away from the start of the 5th-Grade Trip to Camp Canadensis. I am writing to share information regarding the trip and plans to address COVID-19 positive cases before and during, if they should arise. Of course, we hope that these situations do not come to fruition, but we want to be sure everyone understands the plan. Before Camp Beginning today, May 11, any fifth-grade student or chaperone who is confirmed positive for COVID-19 will not be permitted to participate in the Camp Canadensis trip from May 18-20. Even if a student concludes the isolation period (days 1-5), they will need to remain in mask-to-stay for all periods of the day from days 6-10. Masking would not be feasible during overnight sleeping conditions in the cabins.  If students do test positive and are not permitted to attend camp, they may be able to attend school on May 18-20 if those days fall within the mask-to-stay period (days 6-10). Fifth-grade students who do not attend camp will be placed with other classrooms to participate in activities, complete independent work, and/or support special-area teachers during the day.  During Camp If any students develop COVID-like symptoms while at Camp Canadensis from May 18-20, they will be tested through our RTSD nurse station. If an individual is a confirmed positive case, they will be isolated, and their parents will be contacted to come to camp and take them home. Other students and parents identified as close contacts would also need to test and could remain at camp through our test-to-stay process. Under the test-to-stay program, students and staff who qualify and choose to participate in the program would be tested on days 1 or 2 of the close contact. Students and staff can remain at camp provided that each test returns a negative result. Once again, we hope that these circumstances do not materialize, but we wanted to be very transparent with our plans. If you have any questions, please reach out to me. Sincerely, Dr. Shawn Dutkiewicz Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning Radnor Township School District 610-688-8100 x6141

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