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Gifted Education

The purpose of gifted programming in Radnor Township School District is to support the academic and social-emotional needs of gifted and advanced students by providing learning opportunities which are more in-depth and may be presented at a faster pace.

In Radnor Township School District, the Teacher of Gifted Learners (TOGL) collaborates with classroom teachers to meet the needs of gifted and high-ability students. In keeping with the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Chapter 16 regulations, a Gifted Individual Education Plan (GIEP) will be developed for students who are identified as mentally gifted. Specifically Designed Instruction for students with a GIEP is primarily provided by the teacher in the regular education classroom and the TOGL may work with gifted and high-ability students to supplement what is happening in the classroom. When a student has demonstrated the ability, above grade-level work should replace grade-level work

Our flexible model of services enables us to meet the needs of any students who demonstrate the need for academic challenge beyond the regular education curriculum whether they are identified as gifted or not.

Questions About Gifted Education?

Please direct questions about academic services for advanced learners to your child’s Teacher of Gifted Learners by email or phone.

General inquiries about Gifted Education in RTSD can be directed to Director of Student Services Jenny Le Sage or Assistant Director of Student Services Cara Miller

Gifted Evaluation Process

Students may be referred for gifted screening by classroom teachers, the Teacher of Gifted Learners (TOGL), school principals, or parents. A child will be identified as gifted if they have a full-scale IQ of 130 or above, or if multiple criteria strongly indicate gifted ability.

Parents who believe their child may qualify for GIEP identification according to PA Chapter 16 guidelines and wish to request a screening should begin the process with a written request to their child’s principal or the Teacher of Gifted Learners in their child's school asking that their child be formally evaluated for gifted. Parents who have submitted a written request for evaluation will subsequently receive a Permission to Evaluate (PTE) form in the mail. Evaluation for gifted services can begin only after parents have signed the PTE and sent it back to the district. The evaluation process can take up to 60 days from the date RTSD receives the signed PTE.

Gifted FAQs