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Device & Learning Programs

In order to have full access and personalized digital learning experiences, all students K-12 are provided a district device that they take with them from year to year.

Elementary (Grades K-2)

  • Device: 1:1 iPads (Class of 2036: 9th Generation, 64Gb)

Elementary (Grades 3-5)

  • Device: 1:1 Chromebooks (Dell 3100, 4Gb/32Gb)

Middle School

  • Device: 1:1 Chromebook
    • 7th & 8th Grades: Dell 3100, 4Gb/32Gb
    • 6th Grade: HP x360, 4Gb/32Gb

High School

Technology Fees & Insurance

Grades K-8: iPads & Chromebooks

Optional Insurance: Covering accidental damage in handling for devices and accessories. Replacement fees apply for lost devices and accessories (power, stylus).

  • Option 1: Insurance
    • $20/year
    • $40 Deductible for Repair Claims
    • Two (2) Claims per Year
  • Option 2: No Insurance
    • Pay as You Owe

Families with economic hardship are automatically enrolled in Option 1: Insurance program with waived fee.

Grades 9-12: Microsoft SurfaceGo

Required Annual Fee

  • $139/year
  • Fee does not cover lost accessories, pen batteries, or lost devices.
  • Option for device to be gifted at end of senior year after full $556 in payments.
  • More Information

Payment Options

  1. Online via MySchoolBucks
  2. Check payable to "Radnor Township School District"
  3. Balance or debt obligations available on Home Access Center (HAC) (beginning 2021-22)

Replacement Equipment

Lost or damaged equipment replacement costs:

  • Chromebook Charger $40
  • Chromebook Pen (HP x360) $50
  • SurfaceGo Pen $40
  • SurfaceGo Power Supply $42
  • iPad Power Supply + Cable $38

Student Logins

Grades 3-12

(first initial + last name + last two of student ID
Password: same as laptop/Microsoft (initials+student ID [default])

Grades K-2

Password :initials+studentID

Used for:

  • Computer Login
  • Microsoft Login
  • Schoology Login
  • Clever Login
  • Email Access (RMS/RHS only)