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Flex Cyber

About Flex Cyber

Flex Cyber is a program where select courses are offered during 8th period to accommodate diverse needs, goals, and schedules. With around 95% of the course work completed online, there also will be times students or classes will meet in person for conferences, presentations, exams, etc. Teachers will share with the class when the in-class sync points will be.  

Flex Cyber Classes Offered

Flex Cyber courses for the 24-25 school year include: 

  • Principles of Biomedical Science  (8th period, 1 credit) 

  • Psychology Advanced (8th period, 1 credit) 

For more information, please contact your school counselor. 

Could Flex Cyber Be A Good Fit for Me?

Flex Cyber is ideal for: 

  • Athletes who frequently have to miss 8th period classes, 

  • Students who have community internships or employment, 

  • Students who want to experience an online course in preparation for online courses in college. 

Attributes that make an ideal Flex Cyber student: 

  • In Good Academic Standing 

  • Self-Motivated 

  • Self-Disciplined 

  • Can Work Independently 

  • Strong Organizational Skills 

  • Self-Advocacy 

  • Self-Directed Study Skills 

  • Responsible for Own Learning 

  • Time Management Skills 

  • Able Focus Attention 

  • Technological Literacy