Mascot Selection and Rebranding Project (2021)

  • The Mascot Selection and Rebranding Project is a result of a Sept. 2, 2020 vote by the RTSD School Board to remove Radnor High School's past nickname/mascot, "Raiders," and all related Native American imagery from the district. The purpose of the project is "To select a new nickname/logo for Radnor High School, which will also be adopted by Radnor Middle School." The new RHS and RMS nickname/logo is currently scheduled to be decided at the June 29, 2021 School Board Business meeting.

Recent News

  •  June 18, 2021: Raptors is Students' Choice for New RHS and RMS Nickname

    Nearly 1,000 students in grades 8-12 at RHS and RMS voted for their preferred new RHS and RMS nickname out of two finalists on Monday, June 14. With 55.87% of the student vote (552 votes), “Raptors” was selected by students as their choice for a new nickname. The other new nickname finalist, “R” for Radnor, received 436 votes (44.13%). The 988 total student votes are 67.76% of the student body in grades 8-12 enrolled as of June 11. READ MORE | WATCH REVEAL VIDEO


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  • June 15, 2021: Students' Choice for New Nickname to be “Revealed” on 6/18

    In an effort to make the announcement of the students' choice for the new nickname for Radnor High School and Radnor Middle School an exciting and energizing event for students, staff, and the community, the district is currently creating and preparing a new nickname “reveal” video scheduled to premiere on the Radnor Township School District YouTube channel here on Friday, June 18 at 7 p.m. Students in grades 8-12 voted on the final new nickname throughout the day on June 14. We look forward to the big announcement on Friday!



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  • June 14, 2021: Round 1 Results; Student Voting Round 2: "R" for Radnor or Raptors (Updated 12:30 p.m.)

    The tally of votes in the semifinal round, conducted via the Schoology Learning Management System on June 11, is now available. Students were asked to choose their favorite new nickname option out of the final four options. Approximately 71% of students in grades 8-12 cast a vote (1,027 out of 1,448). In order of votes received, the results for the first round of voting are as follows:

    • "R" for Radnor: 380 votes (37%)
    • Raptors: 358 votes (34.9%)
    • Griffins/Gryphons: 150 votes (14.6%)
    • Ruckus: 139 votes (13.5%)

    As the top two vote-getters, "R" for Radnor and Raptors are the final two nicknames for students to choose between in the final round of voting on June 14.

    Message posted to Schoology at 6:30 a.m. on June 14 for RHS and RMS students:

    Dear RHS and RMS students,

    Thank you to everyone who cast a vote last week. We are very excited for your input to help us select the new nickname and mascot for RHS and RMS. The final two new nicknames for your consideration are (in alphabetical order):

    • “R” for Radnor 
    • Raptors 

    Please select your favorite option below. You may only select one choice.

    Mascot video

    Voting will be open today (6/14/21) only. The poll will officially close at 4 p.m., so please get your votes in ASAP. The winner will be revealed on the RTSD YouTube channel at 7 p.m. on Friday, June 18. Thank you for taking the time to vote and let your voice be heard.


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  • June 11, 2021: Student Voting Round 1: The Final Four

    Message posted to Schoology at 6 a.m. on June 11 for RHS and RMS students:

    Good morning Radnor!

    The time has come! We are so excited for your input to help us select a new nickname and mascot for RHS and RMS. The final four names listed below will undergo two rounds of voting by 8th-12th grade students. This first round today will reduce the four new nickname options to two. The second round will reduce the two options to the final new nickname recommendation for the School Board to review/approve at the June 29 School Board Meeting.

    We will have an extended homeroom this morning (schedule attached) so that you can watch this video in homeroom and then vote for one of the four finalists below. 

    The final four new nickname options for your consideration are (in alphabetical order): 

    “R” for Radnor

    Please remember to watch the video and then go vote on Schoology after 8:30 a.m.

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Mascot Selection & Rebranding Committee

  • The purpose of the the Mascot Selection and Rebranding Committee is to select a new nickname/logo for Radnor High School, which will be adopted by Radnor Middle School.

    The Mascot Selection and Rebranding Committee is diverse in composition as well as in individuals’ perspectives. It will synthesize information gathered from outside sources such as stakeholder and student surveys, focus groups, Radnor archives and other historical references, and external branding and design experts, among other relevant data.

    The Mascot Selection and Rebranding Committee will work collaboratively and civilly to put forth 2-3 options for a new nickname and logo for a final student vote based on balanced research, analysis, and adherence to the project's six guiding principles.

    Click here to view a full list of the community members selected for the Mascot Selection & Rebranding Committee following an application process.

    Note: Additional opportunities for feedback will be provided to the RTSD community beyond participation on the Mascot Selection and Rebranding Task Force, including a Community and Staff Survey, Focus Groups and Student Vote.

Core Task Force

  • The core administrative task force will lead the stakeholder Mascot Selection Committee in completing the necessary research and information-gathering to put forth well-considered name and mascot options for a vote by students and ultimately Board approval and district adoption.

    • Dan Bechtold, RTSD Director of Secondary Teaching & Learning, Co-Chair
    • Michael Petitti, RTSD Director of Communications, Co-Chair
    • Bill Dolan, RTSD Director of Operations
    • Mike Friel, RHS Athletic Director
    • Allison Gangl, RTSD Communications Assistant, Committee Secretary
    • PT Kevgas, RHS Principal
    • Anthony Stevenson, RES Principal, RTSD Equity Officer
    • David Wiedlich, RMS Principal


Guiding Principles

  • The new RHS and RMS nickname/logo must:

    • Align with school colors of maroon and white and translate to identifiable branding 
    • Exude positive qualities 
    • Promote school pride and generate excitement 
    • Honor Radnor history and traditions 
    • Reflect the values and standards of RTSD (click here)
    • Represent all stakeholders