• WHAT WE DID IN 2016-2017

    We RAISED over $20,000 from:

    • Pretzel Fridays: We provide a RES water bottle and pretzels for snack on Fridays to participating students ($9,700)
    • Directory Advertising ($2,400)
    • The Annual Book Fair (($5,100)
    • The inaugural annual campaign ($4,400)
    • Still to come: the 5/21 RES Smart Run (budgeted $7,000)

    We pledged to DONATE approximately $28,500 to the school

    • Annual gifts for all our teachers to spend in their classrooms ($6,600).
    • Three teacher grants ($1,700).
    • Improvements to our K-1 playground ($20,202)

    We SPONSORED numerous Cultural Arts Programs

    • Multicultural week where all students learned about Germany
    • The Circus Residency, in which all students learn circus and performance skills and the fourth graders put on an assembly showcasing their skills.
    • An All School assembly: Philly Improv!
    • Science Joe visits for many classes
    • Cultural Arts assemblies for K-3 grades
    • A science fair for all grades

    We HOSTED:

    • New family welcome events and new Kindergarten play dates.
    • Grade level socials
    • Six Family Fun Nights, including Halloween Trunk or Treat, Family Dance Night, Movie Night, Bingo Night, Someone Special Bowling, and Someone Special Dance. Still to come: the Talent Show.
    • Before and after school clubs, including language, hip hop, musical theatre, chess, reading, sports, robotics, and drawing.
    • Staff appreciation events, including a dinner during conferences and a night out in April.

    We REACHED out to our Community 

    • Sponsoring RES students who need assistance in attending Camp Canadensis or clubs ($1,200)
    • MLK Day of Service: joint Radnor school effort to support multiple charities
    • Thanksgiving Food Drive: provided numerous bags of food to families in need
    • Winter Wonder Project: provided holiday gifts to approximately 1,000 children!
    • RTSD and AIS Speaker Series: Rosalind Wiseman