Ithan Online Club Registration


    Registration for all 2019-2020 Clubs will be completed online, using 6crickets.  In order to register your child for any of our Clubs, you must set up an account/complete parent profile, and create a profile for each of your children that will be registered.  It is recommended that you set up your account and profiles prior to the start of Club Registration, rather than waiting until registration starts.  When you log into 6crickets, you will be able to see the clubs available, and once your child's profile is created, you will be able to add clubs to your cart, but you will not be able to officially check out until registration opens.  All clubs have registration limits, and registration is on a first come, first served basis.  If a club is full, you can still register to be on the wait list.  If you are placed on the wait list, your information will be collected, but you will not be charged for the club.  If additional spaces open in a club that is full, students that are on the wait list will be invited to register, in the order in which they registered for the wait list.

    To Register for a 6crickets account:

    Go to and under the Enrichment at My School box, search for Ithan Elementary School.  Click on Visit My School Registration Portal.  At the top right, click on Sign Up.  Create your account, and once you sign in with your account, go to My Account in the upper right hand corner, and choose Edit Students.  Create a profile for each of your Ithan students and make sure to answer their profiles completely.  Once you create your profile, you can click on the Club offering that you are interested in and under the Program Information tab, click on When, Where, Register.  This will allow you to add to your cart, and will be available for checkout when registration officially opens.

    Adding Clubs to your cart:

    All clubs have been added to our 6crickets programming and are available to add to your cart.  You will not be able to complete your checkout until registration begins on January 22nd at 7am EST.  You may place as many clubs as you want in your cart prior to registration start to streamline the registration process.  Some clubs (Running, Before School Sports) have required questions that must be answered to register.  Once you place these clubs in your cart, begin the checkout process, and under Student Profiles, maybe sure that your childrens' profiles are complete.  If complete, they will have a green circle with a check mark next to their names.  If not complete, it will say "Fill" next to their name.  You will be able to go through the entire checkout process, except for payment.  

    Official 2020 Spring Registration:

    Club registration will open at 7am on Monday, March 16th, and will remain open through Monday, March 23rd at 11:59pm.  The length of registration is limited as several clubs start the following week.  For any clubs that do not fill and start after January, registration will be extended until the club fills or until the week prior to start.  We expect clubs to fill quickly!  (Pro tip:  Put clubs in your cart in the order in which you want them processed - 6crickets processes in the order in which you put in your cart, so if there are certain clubs that are higher priority, please put them in first!)  If you need financial assistance for clubs, please reach out to the school guidance counselor prior to registration start.

    The following clubs will be available for Spring Registration:  Coding Club, K-Pop Kindergarten Hip Hop Club (new!), Running Club, Science Club and Tennis Club.

    *Please note:  The waiver that you are required to sign on 6crickets has changed a little.  Please make sure that you review and sign off on it, even if you previously signed it in the fall.  You will not be able to complete registration without an updated sign off on the waiver, so it is recommended that you do this prior to registration start.


    If you have any questions or feedback about the online registration process, please reach out to Melissa Vieira at