Field Day at RES Feels Good!

  •  Field Day

    Wednesday, May 7th, 2020

    (rain date May 8th)

    on the RES Playground



    Field day at RES is always a success and a very important day in the life of our children.

    Our PE and Health & Wellness Teachers, Mrs. Snyder, and Mr. Nowak will set up a variety of games and sporting events outside our school that are both fun and age-appropriate that all students will greatly enjoy. The teachers will be assisted by our PTO volunteers and the 5th graders who will lead teams through the numerous activities.

    Field day is a school-wide event where every student in the school participates in various physical activities and cooperative games. Our Field Day allows for the physical education program to work with our health professionals to plan an entire day of informative talks and activities, which are designed to promote healthy living in the lives of the RES students. The day is designed to promote school pride, spirit and community in each and every one of us. 

    To show that we're all on the same "team" it would be great if all students wear a maroon, gray or pink RADNOR shirt on Field Day. If you don't own a Radnor shirt, any pink, gray or maroon shirt would work too!

     "Together we can" Go RES!

    Note To All Visitors: RES Family members are also welcome as spectators. Anyone who arrives at our RES Field Day event is required to check in at the visitors' table.  This table will be located in the car loop.  Please help keep our students safe by remembering to check in at the table prior to joining in the fun.

    Field Day Schedule:

    • 9:25 - 11:10 AM session
      K-4-grades participate in activities
      5-grades will escort and lead stations
    • 11:25 - 12:15 PM session
      5-grades only
      Volunteers will lead stations
      5-grade teachers will escort classes
    • 1:45 - 3:05 PM session
      K-4-grades participate in activities
      5-grades will escort and lead stations

     What to pack for Field Day?

    • Athletic apparel, sneakers (no flip-flops, "Crocs", sandals or boots, no dresses, skirts or tight-fitting clothing)
    • A light jacket or sweater if the weather is chilly
    • Hair tie for long hair
    • Sunglasses
    • A reusable water bottle with your name and one extra water bottle if possible (water will be available on the school's playground)
    • Healthy snacks
    • Please spray your children with sunscreen and bug repellent before you send them to school
    • Remove and leave all jewelry at home

    Want to visit? Families are welcome to visit the school and watch the children in action during the day.

    Please ensure that you provide your name to Carley Boyd or Maria Curtin before May 7th

    Want to join the fun? Get a chance to join the fun with our teachers and children and volunteer HERE

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