In the Responsive classroom model, Cooperation, Assertiveness, Responsibility, Empathy and Self Control make up the set of social skills that children need to practice and learn to be successful academically and socially. (Brady, K., Forton, M.B., Porter, D., Wood, C.; Rules In School. 2003.)

    Ithan staff has adopted these as themes; we teach and facilitate specific social skills and integrate the themes into the curriculum to support the students' understanding of what it means to: Cooperate, be Assertive, demonstrate Responsibility, be Empathetic and show Self-Control!

    A goal of Ithan is to have a safe and caring community of learners where all members respect one another! Our learning community recognizes, that essential to fostering positive interpersonal relationships, is the building of self-esteem. When children make thoughtful and responsible choices within the context of their learning and in social situations, they build self esteem, feel capable in school, relate respectfully to peers and adults and contribute to the learning community. This, in turn, results in a school climate that encourages good citizenship and a concern for others.