Internet Safety

  • Radnor Township School District supports the use of the internet and computer networks as part of the instructional program to facilitate learning. The goal for the use of technology and network facilities is to help students develop the intellectual skills necessary to discriminate among information sources, to identify information appropriate to their age and developmental levels, and to evaluate and use the information to meet their educational goals.

    The Digital Citizenship curriculum in RTSD schools is dedicated to helping students thrive in an ever-connected world of digital media and technology. Each school's Library Media Specialist is a Common Sense Media Certified Educator, and lessons are delivered K-12. To learn more, visit each school's Library website.

Tips for a Healthy Relationship with Tech

  • Watch and Play Together

    Choose quality, age-appropriate media to enjoy with your kids. Visit to find shows, games, and more.

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  • Establish Family Rules

    Decide together what kind of media and tech is OK - and when it's OK to use it. A family media plan can help get everyone on the same page.

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  • Use Parental Controls

    Set content limits that make sense for your family. Along with conversations about healthy media habits, employ content filtering, privacy settings, and time limits offered by apps and platforms your family uses manage access and exposure.

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  • Create Screen-Free Times & Zones

    Help kids take breaks from tech by limiting screen time in bedrooms, during study time or at the dinner table.

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  • Reflect On Your Habits

    Ask yourself how quickly you really need to respond to texts, emails, or other messages. The faster you respond, the faster people expect you to respond next time. Think about setting limits or guidelines so others know what to expect.

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  • Find Balance

    Set a schedule and stick to it. Give yourself a set period of time each day to check social media or personal email.

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