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RHS Students Exploring the "Real World" with Help from Alumni

December 3, 2014

Radnor Alumni Council Helping RHS Students Explore Career Paths

After a Successful Debut of Its Internship Program, RAC is Currently Accepting Resumes for 2015 Opportunities
When most people hear the term “internship” they think of college students or young adults new to the “real world” getting a taste of their possible career. But thanks to the Radnor Alumni Council, these valuable opportunities are now available to juniors and seniors at Radnor High School.

Leading up to the summer of 2014, RAC, a non-profit organization comprised of passionate Radnor High School graduates and committed to preserving Radnor’s past and impacting Radnor’s future, recognized the need for a program that would provide RHS students support as they approached the end of their high school years and explored their career options.
So the group located several businesses in the area willing to give recent or soon-to-be RHS graduates a hands-on opportunity with their company. The goal was to pair students with experiences that match their interests and future choice of college study.

“[The] internship program is just the first step,” said Chris Massaro, a RAC member and 1983 graduate of RHS. “We are committed to providing current Radnor High School students, as well as recent graduates, a cutting edge resource to access career support, which will include practical and relevant internships and mentoring programs.”
RAC is currently accepting resumes from RHS juniors and seniors for 2015 internship opportunities. All information is due by Friday, Dec. 12.
About the 2014 Interns
“I will forever be grateful to the Radnor Alumni Council,” said Alexa Royle, a current Pennsylvania State University sophomore and 2013 RHS graduate who was paired with Waltzing Matilda, a clothing company specializing in handcrafted leather apparel. “My internship…was a great experience that allowed me to step out of the bounds of what I am normally drawn to, making me a more well-rounded individual.”

Royle is one of nine current RHS seniors and recent graduates who completed internships and shadowing opportunities during the program's first year.

After applying through the RHS guidance office, the selected students discussed the available opportunities with RAC before narrowing down the possibilities and connecting with various organizations. Mastaj Orthodontics, 333 Belrose Bar & Grill, HTH Worldwide, Stephano & Slack and non-profits La Fondation Sinkam Charles (FOSIC) and Bringing Hope Home joined Waltzing Matilda in welcoming interns from RHS.
Mr. Massaro's daughters, Nulee, a current RHS senior, and Blake, a 2014 RHS graduate, both participated in the program through medical internships with FOSIC, a non-profit foundation which promotes social, cultural and economic development in the Cameroon village of Bangou. The girls traveled to the West African country last summer.
"We were able to observe and assist the doctors in simple medical procedures," Nulee said. "The clinic treated close to 5000 patients with 70 doctors from Africa, Europe and the United States."

Lauren Furey, a current RHS senior, had the opportunity to work alongside chef Carlo deMarco during her culinary internship at 333 Belrose. She learned cutting techniques and the importance of an organized and clean kitchen before assisting deMarco with a catering event at The Haverford School.

“During my experience…I realized how passionate I am about cooking,” Lauren said.

Michael Ing, a current RHS senior, completed a computer software internship with HTH Worldwide and was offered a paid internship position for the 2014-15 school year. Two other students who participated in the program are also continuing their work during their senior years.

“I have always had a goal in pursuing a career in medicine, but being a young and inexperienced high schooler, I was not sure which field I want to focus on,” said Thu Bui, a current RHS senior who completed a medical internship with Mastaj Orthodontics. “The internship program provided an opportunity for me to test out the waters and explore.”

“I have gained a remarkable amount of knowledge and qualities that will help me down the road," said Julia Kang, a current RHS senior who was matched with accounting firm Stephano & Slack. "I definitely feel more prepared for these next years to come."

(Pictured above, left to right: Nulee and Blake in Cameroon; Thu at Mastaj Orthodontics; Lauren with Carlo at 333 Belrose; Michael Ing at HTH; and Julia Kang at Stephano & Slack)

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