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RHS Retires Costumed Mascot, Nickname & Logos Stay

June 20, 2013

Radnor High School Says Goodbye to Costumed Mascot, Maintains Tradition with "Radnor Raiders" Nickname and Logos

Radnor High School students, with the support of district teachers and administrators, shared their decision to officially retire the school's physical, costumed mascot with members of the School Board's Policy Committee at its June 18 meeting. The nickname "Radnor Raiders" and logos such as the "R" in a circle with feathers and the signage at Prevost Field will remain. The students' decision was reached after a dedicated review and strikes a balance between maintaining tradition and respecting all people.

The decision is in line with a core vision of the district to encourage students to enhance their communities – both within and outside the school – through ongoing choice and action. While a person wearing a mascot costume has rarely been present at athletic events in recent years, the decision is an official goodbye to the character. At the same time, the school and students recognize and appreciate the tradition the mascot may represent to alumni. The Radnor Raider name and certain logos are maintained to honor this tradition and the pride it continues to instill in students. 

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