Family Sponsorship Campaign Donors

  • Thank you to our RHS PTO Family Sponsorship Campaign Donors

    School Year 2017-2018


    Thank you to our RHS families who contributed over $6,500 this past school year!  

    We also want to thank our volunteers who donated their time.  

    The RHS PTO cannot be successful without ALL our volunteers!


    Addis, Susan and Kent

    Aljian, Ava and Richard

    Armstrong, Charlie

    Au, Elaine

    Barowski, Lisa and Mark

    Bauer, Patricia and Andrew

    Beers, Carol and Jim

    Belz, MaryAnn and Robert

    Bernicker, Margaret and Charles

    Beverly, Julie and Whit

    Braccili, Nancy and Christopher

    Brenan, Janine and Kane

    Bunta Haussman, Elizabeth

    Burstein-Maxwell, Laura

    Byrd, Kathie and James

    Campanale, Dancia

    Chan, Edward

    Choi, Ester

    Clark, Isabel

    Cleary, Calista

    Cohen, Diane

    Coleman, Kristin and Scott

    Cohen, Karen

    Conlan, William

    Constable, Michelle and Jeffrey

    Cooper, Amy Jo

    Coppola, Tammie and Joe

    Dellorco, Phillip

    Di Trolio, Amy and Joseph

    Dilella, Jennifer and Daniel

    Dmello, Charlotte

    Gleason, Katharine

    Gusdorff, Jamie

    Halpern, Mindy and Mark

    Hobbs, Jackie and Robert

    Holman, Jennifer and Tim

    Holtz, Patty and Dave

    Hondros, Margaret and Paul

    Hu, Dongbo

    Jansen, Laura and Eric

    Jones, Joel

    Kaplan, Joan

    Kessler, Kristine

    Kim, Eun Mi

    Leonard, Michelle

    Levin, Pamela and David

    Masciantonio, Suzanne

    Meertz, Heidi

    Monty, Kristin and Doug

    Mooney, Nelia and Todd

    Moore, Jennifer

    NVC Diagnostics, LLC

    Overholt, Rae Anna and Ernie

    Panno, Marisso and Steve

    Reilly, John

    Ressler, Kristen

    Schooff, Mary

    Schwartz, Jessica and James

    Tropeano, Andrea

    Vale, John

    Wakiyama, Kimberly and Peter

    Walker, Kelli and John

    Webb, Annemarie

    Young, Meg

    Zaslow, Lori and David

    Zenouzi, Bubak