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Building Community: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at RHS

January 25, 2019

Building Community: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at RHS (and Beyond)


Black Student Union Today's students enrich our school and district community in untold ways through a range of cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, and identities.


Radnor High School is fortunate to welcome all backgrounds through its doors every day. This vibrant mix of students requires the adults near them to continually learn and employ strategies to "meet them where they are." Students must also be engaged and encouraged to feel comfortable, confident, and heard in all aspects of their high school experience.


Since the 2015-16 school year, Radnor High School has been purposeful in working to unlock the potential and love of learning in all students. The mission of the RHS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative is to provide an environment and school culture conducive to learning that prioritizes student safety and respect. Diversity is valued and celebrated through programs, activities, and curriculum.


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