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From the Superintendent: Update on Radnor High School Athletics Facilities Project

November 18, 2019

From the Superintendent: RHS Athletics Infrastructure Project to Address Accessibility and Student Wellness

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Dear RTSD Community,

The Administration and School Board have been investigating possible infrastructure upgrades to Radnor High School’s athletics facilities. At our School Board business meeting this upcoming Tuesday, November 19, we will hear from Breslin Architects, the firm retained by the district to develop designs and identify costs. I invite you to view their presentation here.

Our investigation into possible upgrades to our RHS athletic facilities began in earnest with the realization that the bleachers at Prevost Field, which hosts our football, soccer, lacrosse, and other athletic and band activities, needed to be replaced to meet ADA requirements as well as to address other pressing structural issues.

Last year, professionals were retained to assess our facilities and conduct a feasibility study of our high school athletic infrastructure. Two public meetings were held to gather community input and a steering committee was created consisting of staff, School Board members, students and community members to investigate our facilities and develop recommendations. These recommendations were provided at the May 7, 2019 School Board Facilities Committee meeting.

During our study, we confirmed certain pertinent data:

  • The Prevost Field bleachers are more than 55 years old and are not ADA compliant
  • While still safe, the Prevost Field bleacher structural supports are degrading
  • The ramp leading to the Prevost Field bleachers is not ADA compliant
  • The bleacher railings at Prevost Field are not to current code
  • The Prevost Field turf is 13 years old and in need of repair or replacement
  • The Prevost Field track is 13 years old and in need of repair or replacement
  • The RHS pool is more than 48 years old
  • The viewing area for the pool is not ADA compliant
  • The pool locker rooms need renovations
  • The seating and access to Encke Field is 34 years old and not ADA compliant
  • The steps at Encke Field are not to current code
  • There is not an appropriate number of bathroom facilities for Prevost and Enke fields
  • The few bathroom facilities that exist are not ADA compliant
  • The concession stands are in poor condition and not ADA compliant
  • The high school fitness room is undersized and not ADA compliant
  • The main gymnasium, auxiliary gymnasium and wrestling room are not air conditioned
  • 982 RHS students utilize Prevost and Encke fields (79% of student body)
  • At least 1,200 community members regularly utilize Prevost and Encke fields

Additional information uncovered and confirmed through our work and research can be found in a presentation here, which includes photos of certain areas in question on pages 16-27 as well as a summary of related issues on page 68. Photographs of many of the areas in question are also below.

During Tuesday’s Board meeting, Breslin Architects will share designs to address our infrastructure needs. We will continue to keep you informed in our “Radnor Reader” newsletter as this project progresses.

Thank you.



Kenneth E. Batchelor