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Results of Reopening Surveys Among Info Reviewed at First Task Force Meetings

Updated July 13, 2020; Published July 10, 2020

Results of Reopening Surveys Indicate Preference for Students to Return to School in Fall with Precautionary Measures

Reopening Radnor Task Force Also Held First Two Meetings, Where Results and More Were Discussed (View July 7 Presentation Here and July 9 Presentation Here); Reopening Recommendation from Administration Scheduled for July 28 Board Meeting

Radnor Township School District appreciates the more than 1,350 parents/community members and the 220 staff members who recently completed surveys on pandemic online learning and school reopening in the fall. Feedback from these groups, and all groups integral to the success of Radnor schools, is welcomed throughout the process and will be duly considered.

Survey Results

Of the parents/community members asked to provide their preference for school reopening, 81% indicated as their first (41%) or second (40%) choice that students physically return to school "with some precautionary measures, such as some amount of social distancing, intense cleaning, and temperature check protocols for students and staff."

Forty-nine percent of respondents selected as their first (25%) or second (24%) choice that a return to school be "as normal as possible, but to include additional cleaning and encouraging students to wash their hands...and other healthy habits."  

Nineteen percent indicated as their first (11%) or second (8%) choice for RTSD to "provide instruction online until there is a vaccine." 

Approximately 73% of parent respondents strongly agreed or agreed that online learning in RTSD improved after the first few weeks of the Spring 2020 closure. However, should another closure be ordered by the state, 72% stated they would prefer their child receive more synchronous (live) learning than was provided during the closure. 

Sixty-eight percent of staff members who responded to a separate survey indicated as their first (33%) or second (35%) preference to reopen schools with "strict social distancing many precautionary measures as possible." Echoing community members' preference, nearly the same percentage of staff members, 67%, selected as their first (29%) or second (38%) choice to reopen "with some precautionary measures."  

Thirty-seven percent stated their first (27%) or second (10%) choice would be for RTSD to "provide instruction online until there is a vaccine" and 70% strongly agreed or agreed that online learning improved after the first few weeks of the closure.

The survey was open June 19 through July 1, 2020.

Summary of July 7 and 9 RRTF Meetings

The survey results, among others, were shared at the July 7 introductory meeting of the Reopening Radnor Task Force via Zoom. The purpose of the task force to to provide feedback and guidance to district administration, which will ultimately make a reopening recommendation based on the work of the task force to the School Board at the Board's July 28 business meeting.

The task force includes volunteer parents/community members and staff members from all grade levels (click here to view all members). In total, 270 parents and 37 staff members expressed interest in serving on the task force. Ultimately, 30 parents and staff members were selected based on various factors, including expertise in relevant fields, to ensure diverse representation. 

Among the other survey results discussed at the July 7 RRTF meeting:

Parents and Community Members

  • Online Learning Overall: 48%, very satisfied or satisfied 
  • Communication With My Child's Teacher: 68%, very satisfied or satisfied 
  • My Child's Engagement with Learning: 46%, very satisfied or satisfied 
  • Prefer Recorded Video Lessons or Live Video Lessons on a Schedule?: 61%, a combination of live and recorded lessons 
  • Concerned About Child's Mental Health?: 64%, strongly agree or agree 
  • Feelings About Sending Child Back to School in the Fall if No Vaccine?: 75%, I would be willing to send my child to school if precautionary measures are in place 
  • Comfortable with Child Wearing a Mask in School?: 73%, Yes
  • Permit school staff to take child's temperature upon school entry if required: 62%, Yes

Staff Members

  • Concerned About Students' Mental Health?: 90%, strongly agree or agree 
  • Feelings About Sending Student Back to School in the Fall if No Vaccine?: 52%, I would be willing to send my child to school if precautionary measures are in place 
  • Comfortable with Wearing a Mask in School/Building?: 56%, Yes

Also during the July 7 introductory meeting, a presentation (click here) was given that reviewed the five scenarios for reopening; the task force timelines; the collaboration opportunities with local districts, municipalities, and health agencies; current guidelines for athletics, Extended School Year (ESY) and summer school; and continued considerations. Task force members had the opportunity to ask questions and provide comments through the meeting chat.

During the July 9 RRTF meeting, a presentation was given (click here) that
reviewed how the parent and community survey results relate to the district's "Guiding Principles for Reopening Radnor": screening, hygiene, masking and distancing, and a review of the student day by grade level in the green, yellow and red phases. The Summer School Program and Extended School Year (ESY) program are piloting a variety of options for masking over the next several weeks and ESY will be piloting a screening process for morning drop-off for its in-person program of 30 students. A video was shared (click here) outlining the drop off procedures for the program and a series of similar "how-to" videos will be created ahead of reopening. RRTF members then divided into three break-out groups for open discussion around the Guiding Principles. Answers to outstanding questions are planned to be shared at next meeting on July 14.
For more on Reopening Radnor, click here. To provide feedback on this process, email