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RTSD Announces Student Cohort Assignments for Hybrid Learning

September 16, 2020

Radnor Township School District Announces Cohort Assignments for Learning Phase 2: Hybrid

While the district is currently educating students in a fully virtual environment, we continue to prepare for a transition to modified in-person (hybrid) instruction with a fully virtual option (Learning Phase 2: Hybrid). As such, we want to share the following information regarding student cohort assignments for in-person instruction.

A/B Cohort Assignments for Secondary Students (Grades 6-12)

During Learning Phase 2: Hybrid, students in grades 6-12 who selected the modified in-person option in August will be enrolled in an “A/B” program. Students will be placed in cohorts according to the first letter of their last name and each cohort will physically attend school in an alternating two-week schedule, where cohort “A” attends school in-person three days one week and two days the next, and cohort “B” attends two days the first week then three the next.

  • "A" Cohort – Students with last names A-K
  • "B" Cohort – Students with last names L-Z

Households with siblings who have different last names will attend on the day assigned to the last name later in the alphabet (i.e., if a family has students in their household with last names "Cook" and "Smith," all students in that household will attend school with the "B" cohort).

If a family is interested in changing the registration option selected for your RMS and/or RHS student(s) in August, please contact your building principal. For those requesting a change from fully virtual to modified in-person (hybrid) instruction, please allow for up to five business days for this change to take effect so arrangements can be made to accommodate additional students according to guidelines in the RTSD 2020-21 Health and Safety Plan (click here to view the full plan).

AM/PM Cohort Assignments for Elementary Students (Grades K-5)

During Learning Phase 2: Hybrid, students in grades K-5 who selected the modified in-person option in August will be enrolled in an AM or PM program. Families were informed of their child's AM or PM cohort placement, as well as their classroom teacher assignment, the week of August 31. If you need clarification on your child's placement, please reach out to your school's main office. 

You may recall that to support consistency and instructional continuity for our elementary students, we previously asked parents to commit to either the in-person or fully cyber program for at least one trimester (12 weeks). If your family wishes to make a change, please understand that there may be staffing and placement implications and we may not be able to accommodate a change request until the end of the trimester (late November). If you have questions or are interested in requesting a change to the registration option selected for your elementary student(s) in August, please contact your building principal.

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