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RHS Senior Wins $5,000 in Financial Jeopardy Competition

June 4, 2021

RHS Senior Rebecca "Becca" Zajac Wins $5,000 Scholarship in Annual Credit Union Financial Jeopardy Competition

Becca ZajacRebecca Zajac, a senior at Radnor High School, won the grand prize of a $5,000 scholarship in the annual TruMark Financial® Credit Union Financial Jeopardy competition recently held via Zoom. Her knowledge and ability to apply personal finance concepts earned her the distinction out of participating students from various school districts, who were given two scenarios focused on money management and tasked with applying their personal finance knowledge by writing an essay.

“Attending a private university is a big financial decision and having the opportunity for scholarships such as the one offered by TruMark Financial will help make my dreams possible,” said Becca, who plans to study environmental studies and interdisciplinary arts in a 5-year dual degree program at Tufts University. She added that her RHS personal finance class helped prepare her as she embarks on college and becomes more financially independent.

In addition to completing the money management scenarios and essay, participating students were interviewed by credit union representatives to test students' level of understanding of budgeting, credit, and how credit unions differ from banks. Just like in the televised version of Jeopardy, the competition included a final Jeopardy question. Credit union board of directors and representatives served as judges and scored the students on their essays, personal interviews, and their critical thinking aptitude.

Congrats, Becca!