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Former NFL Quarterback Discusses Addiction and Recovery

January 16, 2020

Former NFL Quarterback and Behavioral Health Advocate Ryan Leaf Speaks to Hundreds About Addiction and Recovery

The Radnor Township School District parent-teacher organizations (PTOs) and The Agnes Irwin School (AIS) welcomed former NFL quarterback and behavioral health advocate Ryan Leaf for Vulnerable, a conversation about addiction and recovery through service to others, on January 14.

Following a video introduction, Mr. Leaf, the second overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft, spoke to the community about addiction and sobriety. He highlighted his football career and dream of becoming a professional athlete before sharing how these dreams began to unravel. Mr. Leaf discussed topics such as the stress and pressures of being a successful teenager, gateway drugs, peer pressure, bullying and self-harm. The presentation ended with a Q&A session.

Mr. Leaf is an advocate for transforming the way society views mental health and addiction, with a personal mission of reaching those in need of hope that happiness and a better life can be achieved. He is currently an ESPN college football analyst and NFL Legends Community coordinator, helping former athletes make a successful transition to life after a high-profile career.

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About the Radnor Speaker Series

The Radnor Speaker Series is a private school/public school partnership between the Radnor Township School District parent-teacher organizations and The Agnes Irwin School. Each year, these organizations welcome a nationally known speaker/author to speak to the Radnor Township community on topics relevant to parenting and the health and wellbeing of our children.