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Radnor Students Earn Medals on National Latin Exam

Updated May 5, 2020; Originally Published April 22, 2020

Radnor Students Earn Medals on National Latin Exam

Thirty-three Radnor High School students and six Radnor Middle School students were recently named award winners on the National Latin Exam sponsored by the American Classical League and the National Junior Classical League. The exam was administered on campus during the week of March 9.

The National Latin Exam tests students all over the globe on their translation skills and knowledge of Latin grammar, mythology, derivatives, literature, Roman life, history, geography, oral Latin, reading comprehension, and in the use of Latin in the modern world.

A gold medal and a summa cum laude certificate are awarded to top scorers, a silver medal and maxima cum laude to second place winners, magna cum laude certificate to third place winners and cum laude certificate to fourth place winners. 

This year's National Latin Exam winners from RHS are:

Latin 2 Exam:

  • Skyler Le (9th-Grade) - Summa Cum Laude: Gold Medalist
  • Lauren Yoo (9th-Grade) - Maxima Cum Laude: Silver Medalist
  • Max Todoro (10th-Grade) - Maxima Cum Laude: Silver Medalist
  • Mia Engle (9th-Grade) - Cum Laude
  • Christopher Goncher (9th-Grade) - Cum Laude
  • Hannah Kwak (9th-Grade) - Cum Laude
  • Dominick Laudicina (9th-Grade) - Cum Laude
  • Casey Ott (11th-Grade) - Cum Laude
  • Sydney Schultz (9th-Grade) - Cum Laude
  • Lia Williams (11th-Grade) - Cum Laude

Latin 3 Exam:

  • Michael Marino (10th-Grade) - Summa Cum Laude: Gold Medalist
  • Sebastian Kaper-Barcelata (10th-Grade) - Summa Cum Laude: Gold Medalist
  • Hyeonjin Kim (10th-Grade) - Maxima Cum Laude: Silver Medalist
  • Kiichiro Wang (10th-Grade) - Maxima Cum Laude: Silver Medalist
  • Ellie Davis (10th-Grade) - Maxima Cum Laude: Silver Medalist
  • Minnie Madden (10th-Grade) - Maxima Cum Laude: Silver Medalist
  • Manato Matsuoka (10th-Grade) - Magna Cum Laude
  • John “Jeb” Williams (10th-Grade) - Magna Cum Laude
  • Cynthia Maz (10th-Grade) - Magna Cum Laude

Latin 4 Prose Exam:

  • Liam Ullman (11th-Grade)- Summa Cum Laude: Gold Medalist
  • Clarke Piatt III (11th-Grade) - Magna Cum Laude
  • Christopher Tufaro (10th-Grade) – Cum Laude
  • Audrey Margolies (11th-Grade) – Cum Laude
  • August Westby (11th-Grade) – Cum Laude

Latin 5 Poetry Exam:

  • Brendan Hung (11th-Grade) - Summa Cum Laude: Gold Medalist
  • Joshua Yoo (11th-Grade) - Summa Cum Laude: Gold Medalist
  • Jack Lindgren (12th-Grade) – Maxima Cum Laude: Silver Medalist
  • Amanda McGrath (11th-Grade) - Magna Cum Laude
  • Emma Kang (11th-Grade) - Magna Cum Laude
  • Michael Ching (12th-Grade) – Magna Cum Laude
  • Luke O’Malley (12th-Grade) – Magna Cum Laude
  • Benjamin Engstrom (12th-Grade) – Cum Laude
  • Kathryn Tague (12th-Grade) – Cum Laude

This year’s National Latin Exam winners from RMS are:

  • Paige Bailey (8th-Grade) – Summa Cum Laude: Gold Medalist
  • Bridget Walsh (8th-Grade) - Summa Cum Laude: Gold Medalist
  • Theodore He (8th-Grade) – Maxima Cum Laude: Silver Medalist
  • Daniel Kaper-Barcelata (8th-Grade) – Maxima Cum Laude: Silver Medalist
  • Will Curley (8th--Grade) – Cum Laude
  • Grace Xu (8th-Grade) – Cum Laude

Latin is one of four World Languages offered in RTSD. Students also have the opportunity to learn French, German and Spanish. All winners are currently enrolled in Dr. Donal McGay and Tom Hagan's Latin classes.

Congratulations to all of this year's winners!