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Superintendent's Message Regarding Mr. George Floyd and Unrest (6/2/20)

June 2, 2020

Dear RTSD Community,

With a few days left in a school year uprooted by a virus and finished in our homes, we were preparing to enter an early summer to plan for reopening in a world that's ever-changing. We knew there was much to consider and many voices to hear. We were gearing up for hard, but fulfilling, work ahead.

Then came the tragedy of George Floyd’s death. Our deepest sympathies are with his family and we share in the public’s disappointment and outrage regarding the disturbing circumstances surrounding the murder of Mr. Floyd. Now, its aftermath is roiling our cities’ streets, displacing “Covid-19” as the main topic of difficult conversations at home. It’s not a comfortable conversation, not easy, not clear, but it’s one that needs to happen. Honestly and openly. People are hurt. People are angry. We as adults understand this, and it’s up to us to let our students know we recognize their feelings, too.

We have learned of a potential peaceful protest march being planned locally for later this week. We have been in contact with the Radnor Police to discuss the event and will continue to be in touch. Like all events occurring in the township, should it occur, it is possible our students may attend, which is their right. While the district is not involved in this event, I wanted you to be aware and provide assistance to help you talk with your children about this situation. It is difficult to offer universal resources for all families, but the below links hopefully provide a starting point.

If you or a loved one needs further support, please reach out to your school’s principal. We will continue to support all students and families during this challenging time however possible.


Kenneth E. Batchelor