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Commitment to Continue Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work Throughout RTSD

June 21, 2020

Dear Radnor Community,
Our community draws our strength from our common goal to support each other every day. We strive to not only unlock the potential in all of our students, but also in all of us in the township. Through the embrace of our differences, our bond is enriched as a district and as a community.

We stand together against words, actions, and insinuations that are racist, hateful, or prejudiced. We are a safe and supportive community where everyone is valued and we will always make that a hallmark of a Radnor education.
On my desk is a plaque I received as a principal years ago inscribed with a quote by Ghandi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This has always been true in education and is even more important today.
In response to comments and feedback we’ve received from the community, I asked our administrative team to share information regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in each of our schools during the June 16 Curriculum Committee meeting. These issues have been a focus in RTSD for many years now and will continue to be a focus. Our work is far from being done; we are committed to continuing it diligently.
I invite you to watch the relevant portion of the meeting here and review the presentation offered by our principals at the meeting here, which includes our just-announced future goals and the four foundational pillars that will help us achieve them:

  • Increase student engagement and learning opportunities to emphasize the value and importance of participation of diverse students in all curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Increase cultural awareness of all teachers, administrators and staff
  • Increase community engagement and parental involvement in discussions about this process
  • Recruit, hire and retain a diverse staff of teachers, support staff and administrators

We look forward to continuing this conversation and taking meaningful action to ensure every one of our students thrives in a diverse and accepting environment.


Kenneth E. Batchelor
Superintendent of Schools