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Important Information on Traffic Flow for Dismissal at Radnor High School

September 7, 2021

Important Details on Traffic Flow for Dismissal at Radnor High School

Information Originally Shared in a Sept. 7 Message from RHS Principal PT Kevgas

We continue to ask for everyone’s patience and understanding as we continue our ADA Accessibility and Wellness Infrastructure Project. Please remember this is a temporary inconvenience for a necessary project that will transform our facilities into an accessible and inclusive facility we will all enjoy for many years to come. 

We ask that everyone accessing campus during dismissal complies with the rules and traffic patterns outlined below, effective September 8, 2021 for dismissal only. .

  • Radnor High School will be closed to parents at Radnor-Chester Road and King of Prussia Road from 2:30-3:20 p.m. each day during the week. 
    • Students returning for athletics and activities should be back on campus by 2:30 p.m. and must show their parking pass to get on campus.
  • Radnor Township Police will be present at Radnor-Chester and King of Prussia Road to ensure no parents or spectators enter campus prior to 3:20 p.m.
  • Parents will not be permitted to exit onto King of Prussia Road.
  • Parents are asked to do their best to schedule any early dismissals before 2:30 p.m.
    • If this is not possible, the police at both Radnor-Chester and King of Prussia Road will have a list each day of early dismissals.
  • If a parent has an emergency, please call the high school’s attendance office 610-293-0855 X3536 and we will make sure the parent can get onto campus to pick up the child. 
  • Parents may only enter from Radnor-Chester Road into a pickup loop that exits back onto Radnor-Chester Road.
  • Parents may not idle in any part of the pick-up loop.
  • We will allow parents onto campus at 3:20 p.m. to ensure that all buses, faculty, staff, and student drivers have safely departed the campus. 
  • Security will be present at the Senior Lot to help facilitate the pick-up loop and guide parents back to Radnor-Chester Road.
  • Should your child not be ready at 3:20 p.m., parents will be directed to wait across the street at the Financial Center.
  • Students should not walk/cut through Rowland Field down the hill to access Encke Field. Instead students should leave from the cafeteria doors and use the walkway that leads to Radnor-Chester Road at dismissal.

Again, these changes to our traffic flow will only impact dismissal of our students. Traffic in the morning will continue to operate with both Radnor-Chester Road and King of Prussia Road open to parents to drop their student(s) off at the main entrance. We will continually monitor the flow of traffic and make adjustments as necessary. This temporary plan allows our buses to leave campus in a safe and timely manner, and provides an organized departure from campus for all drivers.