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VFMCS Hearing Reconvenes, More Than 200 Questions Asked by RTSD Admin

May 2, 2021

Valley Forge Military Charter School Hearing Reconvenes April 28 with More Than 200 Questions About Application


Hearing to Again Reconvene on May 12 for Further Questioning 


Radnor Township School District administration asked representatives from Valley Forge Military Academy more than 200 questions concerning VFMA’s application to open a charter school in Radnor Township at an April 28 hearing held by the School Board that was reconvened from a recessed March 24 initial hearing. Board members seeking clarification on the application also had the chance to request additional information.  


(Watch the April 28 reconvened hearing here)


The questions were broken into sections and sought additional information on the proposed charter school’s curriculum, special education program, calendar, faculty evaluation tools, community policies, and students. Below is each section of the questions in order, with select questions listed.


The questions were currently about half of those administration plans to ask VFMA during the hearing process. The additional questions are scheduled to be addressed when the hearing next reconvenes on Wednesday, May 12 at 7 p.m. The April 28 hearing was recessed after approximately three hours of questioning. 


At the conclusion of the application review process, administration will recommend to the School Board whether to accept the application from VFMA to establish a Valley Forge Military Charter School in Radnor Township. 

  • Curriculum
    • What is the current percentage of highly qualified teachers at VFMA who hold active PA teaching certifications in the area they are currently instructing?
    • How will professional development costs be properly accounted for so that taxpayers do not pay for both VFMA and VFMCS trainings?
    • Does the wireless infrastructure in VFMA have the capacity to handle the additional traffic from devices?
    • What remediation options will VFMCS provide for students over the summer who need credit recovery?
    • How will math enrichment be provided for students who need greater challenge?

  • Special Education 
    • What percentage of students at VFMA receive special education supports or services?
    • What is your budget for all of the special education teachers, staff and related service providers?
    • What curriculum or research-based programs will be used the Social and/or Life skills classrooms?
    • What is your ratio of counselors and social workers to students?
    • Are all buildings and access to buildings ADA compliant?

  • Calendar, Faculty Evaluation Tools and Community Policies
    • How many total student school days?
    • How will you demonstrate measurable academic standards?
    • How many teacher observations per year?
    • How does VFMA handle community or public complaints?
  • Students
    • How will VFMCS plan to ensure compliance with Title IX and the seamless integration of female cadets on campus?
    • Will VFMCS require students to attend chapel?
    • What plan does VFMCS have for properly training their employees regarding student suicide prevention?
    • How will VFMA and VFMCS ensure that taxpayer funded materials are not used by private school students?
    • Will charter school students interact with VFMA students? 
    • How does the anticipated per-student payment from school districts for VFMCS compare with the tuition rate charged for VFMA?
    • Will charter school students share any classes with VFMA students?