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RHS Seniors Honored at Annual Recognition Night

June 18, 2018

Radnor High School Seniors Honored at Annual Senior Recognition Night

24 students standing in front of wall Dozens of Radnor High School seniors were recognized for their outstanding achievements with a variety of awards at the school's annual Senior Recognition Night on June 10 in the auditorium. Immediately preceding the event, the Radnor High School Scholarship Fund (RHSSF) held a recognition ceremony of its own in the library, where 24 seniors were awarded scholarships by the organization.

The RHSSF scholarships and recipients (pictured, left) are:

Caroline Bader (Radnor Scholarship)
Sydney Brumfield (George T. Corrigan Memorial Scholarship)
David Callaway (John + Mildred Davison Memorial Scholarship)
Adrienne Cheung (Ruth Stevens Tewksbury Scholarship)
Cailtlin Dressel (Buck Family Scholarship)
Etienne Falquet (Radnor Scholarship)
Sylvain Falquet (Herle Memorial Scholarship)
Leah Frebowitz (Art Lewis Scholarship)
Alexandra "Sasha" He (Muriel Hopp Memorial Scholarship)
Mary Horstmann (Bajus Family Scholarship)
Hyunmin "Tony" Kim (William P. Sears Memorial Scholarship)
Kuenhee "Andy" Lee (John DeFlaminis Leadership Scholarship)
Alana Malik (Herle Memorial Scholarship)
Alexander Malik (Ithan PTO Scholarship)
Nidier McCurdy (Margie Cherry Memorial)
Sean Mullarkey (Steve Pendergast Memorial Scholarship)
Emily Myers (Garrett Hill/Ellis Dwyer/Wes Adams Scholarship)
Sneha Roy (Rotary Club of Wayne Scholarship)
Sydney Ruffo (James Merriman Memorial Scholarship)
Mariah Smith (Jody Sack Memorial Scholarship)
Antonio Tilley (Radnor Scholarship)
Luna Vasic (Class of 1969 Scholarship)
Grace Yang (John L. Dale Scholarship)
Erenalp Yargici (Radnor Scholarship)

The Senior Awards and recipients are:

The Phi Beta Kappa Award: Priya Ganesh
The Phi Beta Kappa National Honorary Scholastic Fraternity offers an award to the senior whose excellence in academic achievement has earned the highest GPA in the graduating class. 

The Alumni Association Awards: Lena Armstrong and Nicholas Camposano
The Alumni Association of Radnor High School gives an award annually to seniors who demonstrate academic excellence, a deep commitment to the extracurricular life of the school and a love for the school community.

American Legion School Award: Jenna Spray and Max Xie
This award is presented to one female and male student in recognition of their courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship and service.

Erik Barrett and Luke Kilby The B.J. Dillion Memorial Art Award: Luke Kilby
B.J. Dillon, a member of the Class of 1992, was a great guy and a wonderful character. This award is given in B.J.’s memory to a student who shares his love of and knowledge about art. 

The Best Buddies Award: Taylor O'Shea and Madeline Ryan
Best Buddies is a club that helps integrate students from our life skills program into the social community of Radnor High School. The club organized a variety of events throughout the year. The award recognizes those who have played an integral role as members.

The Better Together Award: Taylor O'Shea
Every student has inherent uniqueness and value that can enhance the school experience through the power of social inclusion. The Better Together Award is presented to the RHS senior who best demonstrates a commitment to recognizing the dignity and value in their fellow students, and strives to achieve the benefits of social inclusion across the student body for the good of the Radnor community.

The Class of 2001 Spirit Award: Ryan Bernicker
This award, sponsored by the Radnor High School Class of 2001, goes to a senior who displays a commitment to the Radnor High School community demonstrated by an overwhelming dedication to service and leadership while consistently exhibiting compassion and caring to all segments of the community.

Class of 2012 Award: Charles Doane
The Class of 2012 overcame many obstacles as they traveled through the halls of Radnor High School, but always persevered, keeping their heads held high. This award is for high school seniors who have shown resilience and determination in overcoming difficult obstacles to complete their high school education.

The Congressional Scholar Athlete Award: Nicholas Camposano and Priya Ganesh
These awards are given to the male and female senior athletes with the highest GPA in their class.

The Cresson Scholarships: Cara Camposano, Nicholas Camposano, Erica DiCarlo, Charles Doane, Kuenhee Lee, Amanda Magen, Anthony Pasles, Alexander Skvortsov, Jade Winn-McNeil and Lauren Yang
The Cresson Scholarship was the first scholarship established for the school. The scholarship was endowed by Miss Sara Lloyd of Philadelphia in 1916 in memory of her mother. Criteria for the scholarship include citizenship, academic achievement, character and activities.

The Dreer Scholarship: Shane Donaher
The William Dreer Memorial Scholarship was established under a trust in 1936 by Mr. Dreer’s widow and is the second oldest scholarship available to Radnor High School. The scholarship winner must major in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, or environmental science.

The Emily Unway Award: Charles Doane
This annual award is presented to the Radnor High School senior who exhibits the attributes that were so important to Emily. “Value of friendships, of having and being a friend, uniqueness, remaining true to oneself, reliability, trusting and trustworthy, sense of humor, sense of fun, loyalty, sensitivity, working to achieve goals and a ready smile.”

Ethics Bowl Award: Lena Armstrong, Sebastian Bryant, Benjamin Chanenson, Malcolm Nazim Duran, Owen Goodchild, Marshall Lian, Amanda Magen, Joseph Pevner and Patrick Walker
To seniors who helped the team prepare for the Delaware Valley Regional Competition in December and those who represented the school at the competition.

The DAR Good Citizenship Award: Shana Clapp
The Good Citizenship Award is awarded to a student who exhibits the qualities of Honor, Service, Courage, and Patriotism.

The Drew Award: Taylor O'Shea
Dan and Maria Drew have worked tirelessly in their time at Radnor to create an environment filled with kindness and respect. This award recognizes a kind and compassionate student who is attentive to others’ challenges and seeks opportunities to include those who might otherwise be forgotten or left out. The recipient is motivated to engage with others by a genuine concern for their happiness and wellbeing.

The Facets Award: Emma Von Abele
This award goes to a student who has been a vital influence in encouraging artistic expression in the Radnor community.

The Future Business Leaders of America Award: Priya Ganesh, Julia Grossinger and Esther Paik
Future Business Leaders of America is a national organization with a quarter of a million students preparing for careers in business and business-related fields. 

Gemma Duffy Scholarship Award: Jahmair Rider
This award is given in memory of Gemma Grace Duffy, a 2011 graduate of Radnor High School who passed away on Christmas night 2017 in a car accident. Gemma loved Radnor High School and was an active member of the Band and Jazz Band. Her love of life and desire to achieve her goals motivated her to excel in whatever she did. The recipient of this award exemplifies the kindness and zest for life that Gemma showed.

Histrio De Honoris Award: Maria Gajic
This award is given to two students (one male, one female) who have demonstrated honor, kindness, humility, respect and integrity in their efforts in classes and for Radnor Actors Workshop.

The Honor "R" Awards: Alexandre Bay, Isabelle Breedveld, Cate Cox, Colin De Vlieghere, Erica DiCarlo, Jackson Dooley, Lexi Fogel, Patrick Kaper-Barcelata, Amanda Magen and Joshua Yoo
Given each year to seniors who have been outstanding in athletics, who have participated in a variety of sports, who have contributed to the honor and good name of Radnor through their excellent sportsmanship, and who are in the upper half of their class in scholastic achievement.

Luke Teehan Award Winner  The Luke Teehan Memorial Scholarship: Jacob Zaslow
Luke was a very special young man who was a member of the Class of 1982 and lost his life in an automobile accident. Luke’s life and death has taught us that we will all be remembered for what we give to others, and not only for what we have achieved. The person to receive the Luke Teehan Memorial Scholarship Award best exemplifies those special qualities of human concern seen in Luke’s life.

Mary Carter Award: Douglas Rosin
Mary Carter was a teacher and principal in the Radnor schools from 1927-1969. The Mary Carter Award is presented to the senior who has been a model of excellence in scholarship, interest in activities and service to the school and community.

The Mick Gwynn Research Award: Alexander Skvortsov
This award was established by RHS teacher Lucia Samblas in memory of her late husband, Mick Gwynn. Mick was a beloved husband and father and a highly respected colleague at GlaxoSmithKline. He was a diligent scientist with an excellent work ethic. This award is given to a student interested in pursuing a career in science that embodies the same passion for research as Mick.

The Model Congress Award: Alicia Vitale
Model Congress provides high school students with the unique opportunity to participate in simulated legislative sessions modeled after the United States Congress. For four days, students become the nation's elected leaders, discussing foreign and domestic policy questions and drafting legislation to address contemporary issues. Delegates learn to express their own views on the challenges currently facing our nation. Model Congress is designed to help the youth of today become the responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow. This award is given to a student who epitomizes what the leaders of today AND tomorrow must possess: integrity, intelligence and humanity.

The Model United Nations Award: Benjamin Chanenson, Thomas Ciatto and Patrick Kaper-Barcelata
Model United Nations is a club that allows students to gain insight into the workings of the United Nations and to debate real life issues that currently face world leaders. By assuming the roles of UN representatives from different countries students come to comprehend the true spirit of the United Nations, one which seeks to foster a constructive forum for open dialogue on complex global issues including peace and security and economic and social progress. The recipients embody the spirit of the UN with their enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to the program.

National Merit Scholarship Corporation Award Semifinalists and Finalists: Alexandra He, Grayce Henderson, Patrick Kaper-Barcelata, Hiromichi Nagayumi, Douglas Rosin, Julia Shi, Alexander Skvortsov and Max Xie

National Merit Scholarship Corporation Award Winners: Nicholas Camposano, Adrienne Cheung, Priya Ganesh, Michael Koerwer, Kuenhee Leen, Aiesha Parmar, Joseph Pevner and Joshua Woo

National Merit Scholarship Commended Students: Blake Anderson, Caroline Barnhard, Isabelle Breedveld, Sebastian Bryant, Adriana Chen, Lisha Chen, Cate Cox, Colin De Vlieghere, Shane Donaher, Lexi Fogel, Abigail Frishman, Hannah Gans-Crocker, Sharon Hsu, John Lee, Amanda Magen, Bennett Mueller, Thomas Subak, Lauren Yang and Ethan Zeh

National School Orchestra Award: Alexandra He
This award is given in recognition of singular merit and outstanding contributions to the success of the school orchestra, for displaying an unusual degree of loyalty and cooperation, and for exemplifying that high standard of conduct that is the aim of the school instrumental program.

The Outstanding Athlete Awards: Sean Mullarkey and Audrey Rosenblum
The Radnor High School Female and Male Athlete of the Year award is given annually to the top athletes in the senior class as voted on by the head coaches of all Radnor sports programs.

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Scholarship Award: Antonio Tilley
This award goes to the student that has demonstrated the greatest academic improvement from sophomore to junior year.

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Anna Moffo Award: Sydney Brumfield
Anna Moffo was a world famous soprano who sang not only on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House, but also on the stages of all the important European Opera Houses. She was a 1950 graduate of Radnor High School. This award is presented in her honor to a senior who has shown outstanding vocal musicianship and leadership skills.

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Art Award: Grace Yang
This award is presented to an outstanding art student who has created consistently exceptional work within the art department.

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Business Education Award: Alec Jiang

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Family and Consumer Science Award: Sarah Dell'Orco

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Instrumental Music Award: Priya Ganesh
This award is given to the outstanding instrumentalist in both band and orchestra over four years. This individual has shown exemplary skills and sensitivity.

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Career and Technical Award: Daniel Dutkowski and Anastasia McGlinn
Career and Technical Education provides hands-on applied learning experiences that build academic knowledge, problem solving skills, employment and specific career skills. This award is given to a student who demonstrates exceptional ability in their technical field, exhibits citizenship and displays a strong work ethic.

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Jesse Zerr Award: Joshua Jones
Dr. Jesse Zerr was a long time and beloved teacher at Radnor High School. He founded the Meistersingers and championed the art of choral music at Radnor High School. This award is given to the senior who has been outstanding in the field of music during his four years at Radnor High School.

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Lois Adams Awards: Helen Adams and Rachel Bodenger
This award is given each year to honor Lois Adams, a former director of student services for RTSD. The awardees contributed positively to the school and the community at large and demonstrated great effort in academics, extra-curricular activities and personal relationships.

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Mathematics Award: Priya Ganesh
This award is given to a deserving student whose enthusiasm for and love of mathematics has been demonstrated in mathematics classes and outside the classroom as well.

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Physical Education Awards: Adriana Chen and Charles Doane

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Rose Ferdinand English Award: Patrick Kaper-Barcelata
The English award is named in honor of longtime Radnor English teacher, Rose Ferdinand, who embodied the love of literature that the English department promotes.

Hiromichi Nagayumi shakes hands with science teacher Dr. Ted Mullman The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Science Awards
Biology: Hiromichi Nagayumi
Chemistry: Shane Donaher
Physics: Isabelle Breedveld

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Social Studies Award: Benjamin Chanenson

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Technology & Engineering Education Award: Luke Kilby
This award is given to students who have excelled at several of the courses offered in the department and plan to continue their education in engineering or technology. The recipients have displayed conceptual and technical knowledge and understanding that have made them stand out among their classmates.  

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) Theatre Arts Awards: Joshua Jones and Emily Myers

The Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) World Language Awards
French: Annabelle Dinda and Aiesha Parmar
German: Adrienne Cheung
Latin: Jack Demmy
Spanish: Nicholas Camposano

The Senator Leech Good Citizenship Award: Thomas Ciatto
Given to a student who embodies the qualities of outstanding character, scholarship and leadership.

The Perfect Attendance Awards 2015-19: Luke Kilby and Minjeong Kwon
Given to students who have maintained perfect attendance for all four years at Radnor High School.

The Perfect Attendance Awards 2018-19: Colin De Vlieghere and Brandon Gretzula
Given to students who have maintained perfect attendance for their senior year at Radnor High School.

The Radnor Actors Workshop Award: Patrick Kaper-Barcelata and Isabelle Criscuolo
The recipients of the Radnor Actors Workshop Award have shown commitment and development of acting skills in many varied roles in Radnor Actors Workshop productions throughout their years in the high school. Their acting growth has been substantial and they have shown leadership as they enhanced a multitude of performances.

The Radnor Best Actor Award: Mab Rongione
This award is given to a student who participated in Radnor Actors Workshop for all four years, achieved artistic excellence within theatre courses and has shown exceptional dedication, artistry, leadership and kindness.

Radnor Hi-Q Award: Priya Ganesh
Radnor Hi-Q is an academic quiz competition team. This award recognizes not only the commitment to know more than your opponent, but also a commitment to intellectual diversity, academic determination and scholarly leadership.

The Radnor High School Honor Council Awards: Isabelle Breedveld, Malcolm Nazim Duran, Joseph Pevner and Douglas Rosin
Given to the seniors elected by their peers, this award recognizes those who have worked toward the ongoing goal of making Academic Integrity a hallmark of our school and community.

The Radnor High School Integrity Award: Samuel Cyubahiro
This award is given by an anonymous Radnor alumni. As a graduating senior, this individual received an anonymous donation to provide financial support as he and his family faced some difficult times. He would like to provide the same support to a student displaying the same resiliency he displayed. 

The Radnor High School Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) Award: Abigail Frishman and Mab Rongione
This award goes to students that led SAGA, formerly known as the Gay-Straight Alliance, in promoting acceptance and equity for students and adults who face challenges in the broader society because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Radnor Technical Theatre Award: Luna Vasic and AJ Bloomfield
The recipients of the Radnor High School Technical Theatre Award have exhibited outstanding growth, artistry and leadership in the technical aspects of the stage crew in Radnor productions and events.

The Radnor Township Education Association (RTEA) Future Teacher Scholarships: Cameron Kelly
This award is given by the Radnor Township Education Association to honor an outstanding senior for their dedication to education and the Radnor community.

The Radnorite Awards: Lena Armstrong
Radnorite, the school newspaper, encourages all students to write articles for the monthly publication but it is the editorial staff that creates the beautiful finished product. This year’s staff showed great integrity and very real courage in striving to be the voice of Radnor, even when the views and opinions expressed are sometimes not popular.

The RADtv Jim Talone Award: Sydney Brumfield and Jack Hughes
Former English teacher, Jim Talone, was the driving force behind the creation of the Radnor High School television studio. As a tribute to his commitment to this program and his overall love of video production, each year RADtv honors seniors who have demonstrated excellence in our television studio productions.

The Rebecca Hutton Bradbeer Award: Rebekah Moore
Rebecca Hutton Bradbeer was the first quadriplegic to graduate from Radnor High School. This award is given in her honor by her grandparents, Mr. And Mrs. Walter Buckley, to that senior who has demonstrated the same courage, friendliness and love of Radnor that illuminated Becky’s years in this school.

Aziza Fayzullayeva and principal Dan Bechtold Recognition of Students Who Have Enlisted in a Military Branch or Reserves Program: Kymeir Duncan (National Guard), Aziza Fayzullayeva (U.S. Army), Noah Pepper (ROTC) and George Rengepes (U.S. Marine Corps)

ROTC Scholarships: Jack Connolly and Max Xie
Awarded to students who have achieved a meritorious record in academic studies, extracurricular participation, and athletic activities, and have demonstrated exceptional leadership potential and a desire to serve as an officer in the United States Army.

The Student Government Award: Nicholas Camposano and Alex Storrer
Given to students who repeatedly show skill in leadership, commitment, and devotion to the Radnor High School community.

The Thomas Lynch Memorial Scholarship: Jahmair Rider
Tom Lynch, an exceptional member of the Class of 1987, lived his life with enthusiasm, openness and joy. Tom loved a new idea or a different approach to an old problem. The student awarded the Thomas Lynch Memorial Scholarship best exemplifies Tom’s ability to approach learning as a way to deepen pleasure in life and in people.

United States Figure Skating Graduating Senior Award: Nicole Lafiandra
This recognition honors a graduating senior who has been awarded the Platinum Level Achievement from the U.S. Figure Skating program.

The Wayne Miller Creative Writing Award: Annabelle Dinda
This award is named in honor of longtime Radnor English teacher Wayne Miller and given by the English department for excellence in creative writing.

The Yearbook Award: Emily Myers and Mab Rongione
Given to members of the Yearbook staff that displayed extra enthusiasm, dedication and passion in creating the 2018-19 publication.