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Board Passes Resolution for 100% Clean Energy by 2030

September 11, 2020

Board Passes Resolution for 100% Clean Energy by 2030

Student Activists Helped Bring Attention to Issue Through Dedicated Advocacy Work

The RTSD School Board unanimously passed a resolution on August 25 to strive to achieve 100% clean, renewable electricity by 2030, and in all energy sectors, including HVAC, cooking and transportation, by 2040. The resolution followed a dedicated advocacy effort by the Radnor High School Action Earth Club.

The resolution, in its entirety, is available on BoardDocs here.

"I was thrilled to see our school board pass this resolution at such an influential time," Action Earth Club member Ali Bauer said. "This resolution will pave the way for our classrooms and school buses to run on clean power, and for our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to be cleaner and energy efficient."

RTSD is the first school district in Pennsylvania to pass a resolution with the goal of transitioning to 100% clean, renewable energy and a zero emission school bus fleet. School districts in Los Angeles, CA; Madison, WI; Salt Lake City, UT; Old Lyme, CT, and several districts in Minnesota have also made 100% clean energy commitments within the last year. 

The RTSD resolution was passed during the virtual School Board Meeting on Aug. 25, which aired on the RTSD YouTube channel. Several students demonstrated their support for the resolution by submitting public comment on the topic.

“With all that is happening in our world, I truly commend our students' continued and unwavering dedication to shaping an environmentally conscious future," school board member and Facilities Committee chair Sarah Dunn said. "As a School Board and district, we were moved to support this cause due to the students' well-reasoned and researched advocacy work. We seek to empower our students to make a positive ‘real world’ impact through classroom learning as well as by supporting their passions outside our schools whenever possible."

Students from Radnor High School, in collaboration with the Sierra Club Climate Parents program, presented a petition to the board with more than 100 signatures of district students, parents, and staff asking the School Board to support the resolution. The petition listed the benefits of this commitment, including saving money on energy bills, improving indoor and outdoor air quality, creating STEM learning opportunities, and strengthening community resilience. The school district’s commitment will also help achieve the 100 percent clean energy goals set by Radnor Township in 2019. 

“I am extremely grateful that our School Board recognizes the urgency of fighting the climate crisis, especially through these challenging times," Action Earth Club member Becca Zajac said. "Climate students from every grade are honored to have a longstanding impact on where we’ve grown up. I look forward to continuing this journey in the implementation stage and collaborating with district leaders to create a better school community for all future Radnor students.”

Click here to watch the August 25, 2020 Board Business Meeting (action/discussion on this topic begins at 2:35:23). Click here to watch the June 16, 2020 Facilities Committee Meeting (presentation begins at 18:00). Click here to view a PDF version of the presentation.