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NOTICE TO FAMILIES: Privacy and Responsibility in a Virtual Environment

September 8, 2020

Message Regarding Privacy and Behaving Responsibly in a Virtual Environment

As Radnor Township School District begins the school year in a fully virtual format, parents/guardians are notified that classes will be live streamed and recorded. As such, families should not expect privacy in the area where virtual instruction is taking place. Students are expected to have their cameras on and to participate in live sessions. Only students in a particular class will have access to the live streaming or recorded sessions.

Parents and students are prohibited from recording/photographing classes and/or sharing video recordings or photographs of classes and/or Zoom links in any forum, public or private.

To enhance a family’s privacy, students and parents may elect to use headphones with a microphone to eliminate background noises; set up their workspace so that the student is situated in front of a blank wall; and/or enable an appropriate Zoom background image to be visible in place of the student's actual background.