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From Radnor Township: Radnor TAP Trail to Break Ground in March 2021

February 25, 2021

From Radnor Township: Radnor TAP Trail to Break Ground in March 2021

Press Release by Radnor Township

After years of planning and coordination with community partners, the much-anticipated Radnor TAP Trail project will break ground next month with a scheduled completion date of late summer 2021. The project launch is a complement to the collaborative efforts of past and present Radnor Township Board of Commissioners, Radnor Township School District, Cornerstone Homeowners Association, PENN Medicine, the Radnor Township Manager, the Radnor Township Shade Tree Commission and the Radnor Township Department of Engineering.

“This project is an investment in our community and shows a continued commitment to trail enhancements throughout the Township as outlined in the Township’s Greenways and Open Space Network Plan,” said Bill White, Township Manager. “Thank you to our community partners and especially the past and present Radnor Township Board of Commissioners and School Board Members for their support.”

Nearly a decade ago Radnor Township commissioned the Radnor Greenways and Open Space Network Plan to develop a comprehensive network of routes that link the community to prominent destinations, including open space preserves and parks. Based on community feedback about various Township destinations, the Radnor Comprehensive Trails Map was developed, and the Township began grant applications to fund the proposed local, non-motorized transportation alternatives and recreational opportunities.
In Fall 2016, thanks to the hardworking community partnerships that led to the development of the Radnor Greenways and Open Space Plan, Gov. Tom Wolf and PennDOT announced the allocation of $1 million in federal funds for construction of the Radnor TAP Trail. PennDOT made selections based on such criteria as safety benefits, reasonableness of cost, readiness for implementation, statewide or regional significance, integration of land use and transportation decision making, collaboration with stakeholders, and leverage of other projects or funding.

The trail will provide a 5-mile north/south circuit route through almost all the Township with connectivity to Haverford Township, creating a nearly 7.6-mile on-road and off-road bicycle and pedestrian route. These improvements will enhance pedestrian and bicycle facilities, improve access to public transportation, create trails that serve a transportation purpose, offer a safe walk to school route, and promote safety and mobility in our community. A special effort was made by the Radnor Township School District and Radnor Township Shade Tree Commission to identify trees for removal and to carefully source tree species for replanting with commitment to enriching the future canopy. In total, the project includes the replacement of 137 trees and 203 fragrant sumac shrubs along the trail around Radnor High School and 32 additional trees at other trail locations and 5 stormwater management facilities. 

“This project is an example of what can be accomplished when the community comes together with the goal of enhancing overall quality of life,” said Lisa Borowski, 4th Ward Commissioner. “From prior Boards of Commissioners, Radnor’s Shade Tree Commission, and Radnor Township School District to Penn Medicine, the state, the Cornerstone HOA, and our own Radnor Township staff, each has played a vital role in bringing this project to fruition. When complete, it will be yet another wonderful amenity added to the long list of resources we enjoy, as a community, in Radnor.”

Radnor Township School District, Cornerstone HOA, PENN Medicine 

Radnor Township School District, Cornerstone Homeowners Association and PENN Medicine were crucial partners in the development of the Radnor TAP Trail, specifically the 1 mile of paved trail adjacent to the entities on King of Prussia Road which will offer a safer path of travel for students and residents alike. The 8’ wide shared use trail parallels Lancaster Avenue to King of Prussia Road. The shared trail continues up King of Prussia Road, past the Radnor High School and Penn Medicine to the northern end of Radnor Chester Road. From this point, trail users can access the Radnor Station, Radnor Elementary School, and the soon to be completed Harford Trail, which ends at Harford Park and the Creutzberg Center.

In addition to the Radnor High School and Radnor SEPTA Train Station connectivity, the trail will extend through most of the Township including the following points of interest: 

Bryn Mawr Avenue

The 8’ wide shared use trail connects to the west with the bike path along South Ithan Avenue and to Bryn Mawr Avenue. Heading east the trail connects users with Haverford Township along the path adjacent to the Cornerstone Homeowners Association property.

South Ithan Avenue

The South Ithan Avenue portion of the Radnor Tap Trail consists of a shared lane bicycle path from Villanova University, the SEPTA Stadium Station, and Lancaster Avenue to Bryn Mawr Avenue, where a bike refuge is located.  Pavement markings then mark the way to the 8’ wide shared use trail that leads users to Haverford Township. 

Downtown Wayne

From the Friends of the Radnor Trail Park, cyclists will use a shared lane path along West Wayne Avenue.  As they traverse West Wayne Avenue, between Bloomingdale Road and South Wayne Avenue, there is an actual bike lane.  Proceeding from South Wayne Avenue into downtown Wayne, a shared road path provides access to the Wayne Business District, Lancaster Avenue, and the Wayne Train Station.  

Wayne Preserve SWM

As part of the stormwater management for the newly created impervious surfaces for the Radnor TAP Trail, a small infiltration basin is being installed at the eastern end of the West Wayne Preserve. 

“Working with community partners on this sizeable open space plan that promotes the health and wellness of our community is gratifying, both professionally and personally. Thank you to the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners, Township Manager Bill White, and our community partners for working diligently to support the project,” said Stephen F. Norcini, PE. “I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute to the Radnor TAP Trail project from its inception.”

For more information and project updates, visit the Radnor TAP Trail website. Questions or concerns? Contact