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IES 5th-Graders Debate the Causes of the American Revolution

October 15, 2019

Ithan Elementary School 5th-Graders Debate The Causes of the American Revolution

Ithan Elementary School 5th-graders brought historical figures to life during debates on the causes of the American Revolution on Oct. 10. The project, along with an upcoming writing assessment on the Revolutionary War, will conclude the first social studies unit of the school year.

All 5th-grade social studies classes were divided into groups of Patriots - the colonists who wanted independence - and Loyalists - the colonists who remained loyal to Britain. Teachers assigned each student one of four roles to prepare using their History Alive! America's Past textbooks: public relations agents, actors, investigative reporters or costume designers. The students worked together to form their arguments.

In 5th-grade, students learn about citizenship by investigating significant periods of United States history from its foundation to the present. Historical content includes American ideals and the Revolutionary War; establishment of the United States government; the Civil War; and an overview of major events and significant individuals of the 20th century and today.