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Message from the Superintendent: Continuing to Consider Guidance

August 1, 2021

Message from the Superintendent: Continuing to Consider Guidance

Dear Radnor Staff and Community, 
As a result of a global pandemic, we have grown accustomed to ever-changing and competing guidance from multiple sources. Thankfully, all the guidance this year supports and recognizes the importance of in-person education for our students. We will continue to review all the guidance and provide our community with an update the week of August 16 as to how this new guidance, or any additional guidance we may receive, will impact Radnor schools. 
Currently, based on Federal Transportation requirements, we will be required to mask all our students this fall when they ride the school bus regardless of vaccination status and age. This past week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided new recommendations for our country. The new guidance recommends that all students and staff wear masks indoors regardless of their vaccination status when the community has substantial or high rates of transmission of Covid-19. You can read more about the CDC recommendations here and here
As we continue to focus on the health and safety of students and staff, our recommendations for the fall will consider many factors, including: 
  • Federal, State and Local guidance 
  • Medical guidance 
  • Vaccination rates among our community 
  • Transmission rates among our community 
  • Optimal educational experience for our students 
  • Our experience last year and ability to successfully mitigate virus spread
If you would like to provide any feedback as we develop our recommendations, you can email to provide suggestions, insight, and perspectives for the fall. We will once again begin to post and share updated information on our website as we prepare for the start of a new school year. 

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying summer break. We are excited and prepared to have our students back in our buildings September 8! 


Kenneth E. Batchelor 
Tan, rested and ready for another year!