RMS Course Overviews

Radnor Middle School Course Overviews

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RMS Course Level Descriptions
Integrated Courses
Health & Physical Education Department Courses

Language Arts Courses

    Accelerated Language Arts-6th
    Language Arts-6th
    Accelerated Language Arts-7th
    Language Arts-7th
    Accelerated Language Arts-8th
    Language Arts-8th
    Intensive Language Arts (Comprehension)-6th, 7th, 8th
    Intensive Language Arts (Decoding)

Art Department

Social Studies Department Courses

    Social Studies-6th
    Social Studies-7th
    Accelerated Social Studies- 7th
    Social Studies- 8th
    Accelerated Social Studies- 8th  
Family & Consumer Sciences Department
   FACS - 6th
    FACS - 7th
    FACS - 8th
Science Department Courses

    Science - 6th
    Science - 7th
    Accelerated Science – 7th
    Science - 8th
    Accelerated Science – 8th

Music Department
     Vocal Music-8th
 Distaffs-8th (Girls Choir)  
     General Music-6th
     General Music-7th
     Music Technology

Mathematics Department Courses

Grade 6 Offerings:

      6th Grade Intensive Math in Focus

      Course 1

      Course 1 Honors

     Course 2/3 Seminar

Grade 7 Offerings:
   7th Grade Intensive Math in Focus
   Course 2
   Course 2/3 Honors
   Algebra 1 Seminar

Grade 8 Offerings: 

8th Grade Intensive Math in Focus
    Course 3
    Algebra 1 Honors
    Geometry Seminar
Technology Education Department

     Technology Education-6th
     Technology Education-7th
     Technology Education-8th
World Language Department Courses
      World Language Exploratory
      French- 7th Grade
      French- 8th Grade
      German- 7th Grade

      Latin- 7th Grade
      Latin- 8th Grade
      Intro to Spanish
      Spanish- 7th Grade
      Spanish- 8th Grade