RES Band 2018 intro

RES BAND 2018-2019


Dear Future RES Band Parents,


  I have had the opportunity to work through some of the instrument choices with the students.  You should see a letter come home this week with the instrument choice and some additional information. 


Students do not need to have their instrument until September.  We recommend that you look to go to the music store in August to make sure that everything is set for September.  


   A few more notes:


  • Students playing tuba, french horn, baritone horn, or bassoon do not need to rent or purchase an instrument.  These students will be using RTSD district instruments and will get an instrument to take home and an invoice from the district in September.


  • Students will need a music instruction book - the name of the book is listed on the letter that comes home.  We use the series called Student Instrumental Course - they will need book 1.  


  • Please make sure that you have a music stand at home for practice - it does not need to be fancy or expensive - a wire collapsible stand is fine.  It really makes a difference to be able to sit correctly in a chair and have the music on a stand as opposed to a table or piano or something else.


  • FOR CLARINET PLAYERS: you do not need to get an entire box of reeds.  Only buy three reeds at a time - they come in packs of three.  All students should have (3) reeds to start the lessons in September.  These reeds should be #2 strength.  As the year progresses, we will move to #2.5 strength (which are thicker) and then eventually to #3 strength.  Having an entire box of reeds(10) will be wasteful, as the students will not use them before we move up to the next strength.  All students are required to have their own reeds - I do have extras, but just for emergencies - I can not supply the entire clarinet section with reeds for every lesson.


All students will begin group instruction in September.  A full lesson schedule will be sent home at the beginning of the year, and every month for you to have.  Lessons are during the school day during I/E once per week.


Before-school rehearsals will begin in January.  This is when the full band, with all of the instruments, comes together to rehearse the music before school, once per week.  These rehearsals are on Wednesday mornings at RES at 7:45 A.M.  This does not begin until January.  You will receive more information in December, but please think ahead for your scheduling purposes.


As soon as the calendar is finalized, I will send out the date of the spring concert.  There is only one concert, and it is usually in early May.


Here is a flyer from Music and Arts: Music and Arts Flyer 2018. They have a store in Wayne and are one of the vendor choices to rent instruments.  They service our district and send a representative to our schools for repairs and to drop off and pick up instruments during the year.


All of this information, and all information sent home to you, will always be available on my teacher webpage.   The link for my RES teacher page is below - please save it in your favorites and consult it if you have a question.  I am also always available via email if you have a specific question.  I know that this is a lot of information, and I am here to answer any questions you might have.


Thank you for supporting the arts in Radnor Township.  Have a great summer and do not hesitate to let me know if you have questions!